Exciting new junior fiction from Maverick Books

I was intrigued to find out more when I heard Maverick Books are launching a new range of Junior Fiction titles, aimed at six to nine year olds.  These books are for children who are embarking on their own reading adventure or for being shared with a grown up. Launching in October, I was excited when early copies landed on my doormat. I’m a strong believer in the power of illustrated early fiction for newly emerging readers, providing a vital bridge between picture and chapter books. My youngest daughter whizzed through them and gave them all a big thumbs up.

Rickety Rocket – Alice Hemming & Emma Randall


Meet Spacey Stacey and her band of fun friends! There is never a dull day on Planet Fiveways, where Stacey and her friends live. From space races to jetpack missions to outwitting pesky space bunnies, there is always a new adventure to be had. Hop into Stacey’s Rickety Rocket and blast off!

This lively and fun adventure is bound to amuse and delight children who find themselves lost in space information books (excuse the pun). Inside you will find three wacky stories featuring Spacey Stacey who finds herself caught up in the most madcap of escapades. With hilarious energy filled illustrations, children will be captivated by this galactic treat.

Letter to Pluto – Lou Treleaven


Jon’s teacher wants to keep the art of letter writing alive, and starts an interstellar penpal programme. Jon is not impressed especially as his penpal, Straxi, is from Pluto, the most boring, smelliest and far away place in the whole solar system. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s a girl!

Warm and funny, Jon and Straxi are unlikely penpals, but they soon forge a friendship via their hilarious exchanges where they find out that despite their differences they have a lot in common. Using a letter format is a really interesting concept for children and Lou’s witty illustrations make this an engaging read. Fast forward 300 years later and life seems very similar with just a few planetary twists, despite advanced leaps in technology there will still be irritating brothers and annoying teachers to contend with. The underlying environmental message is told in a very subtle manner but provides a starting point of conversation with younger readers. An original and lively story which I thoroughly enjoyed.

A huge thank you to Maverick Books for sending me copies of these fantastic books. ‘Rickety Rocket’ and ‘Letter to Pluto’ are released on October 28th.

3 thoughts on “Exciting new junior fiction from Maverick Books

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