Read and Play Activity books – Miles Kelly

Read and Play Princess and Dinosaur

We had an incredibly busy time as a family during the summer holidays trying lots of different activity books in an attempt to keep the girls amused. Miles Kelly sent these fab new Read and Play books from their new range, which although aimed at younger children of 5 and over still managed to entertain the girls.


Stuffed full of fun activities they include a storybook, puzzle book, jigsaw, play scene with pop-out models and board games.  The play scene and characters provide a perfect starting point for story creations allowing children to use their imagination to the full. They can then develop the art of storytelling and role play long before they may be able to write their own stories.


The puzzle books are wonderfully educational aiding children’s number recognition and observational abilities. Whilst the chunky jigsaw and board games helps develop hand and eye co-ordination and counting skills. There is so much to do and see and most importantly they fold away into a compact box so ideal for taking on long journeys and staving off the boredom.



A huge thank you to Miles Kelly for sending me these fantastic packs.

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