Murder in Midwinter – Fleur Hitchcock


We seem to be in the midst of a murder mystery obsession at school. Every day children are demanding more mystery stories and I’m always on the look out for new and intriguing titles. I was excited to receive a copy of ‘Murder in Midwinter’ by Fleur Hitchcock who according to The Times ‘has cornered the market in hard-boiled crime novels for beginners.’ This certainly captured my attention, just how dark could a crime novel for children be? I could probably just about cope with murder fiction for the over 9s as I must confess I’m easily spooked by anything at all. Intrigued I delved inside to find out more.

Little does Maya know that when she takes a photo of a Christmas window display from the top of the bus, that it will bring danger to her and her family. She captures a couple arguing violently in the middle of a crowded street and is convinced she has spotted a gun. When she goes to the police they dismiss her suggestion, but when a body turns up in the river she is sent into hiding in the country. Trapped in the middle of nowhere she resolves to get to the bottom of the mystery. Then the snow comes and no one can get out. But what if someone can still get in?

Packed with tension, drama and danger this story is wonderfully compelling and will keep you turning the pages desperate to find out the truth behind this unexplained murder. It will keep you on the edge of your seat providing just enough twists and turns to entertain younger readers without terrifying them. ‘Murder in Midwinter’ will have you glancing over your shoulder to check you’re not being followed and make you want to trust nobody, perfect for those who like to be mildly set on edge. That’s not me in case you are wondering!

Thank you to Fiona Scoble and Nosy Crow for sending me a copy of this book.

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