Finding Black Beauty – Lou Kuenzler


‘Finding Black Beauty’ is a delightful re-imagining of Anna Sewell’s classic adventure ‘Black Beauty’ from Lou Kuenzler. Lou takes the character Joe Green the poor inexperienced groom from the original novel and retells the story from his viewpoint. Except it has the most marvellous twist. Joe is in a fact a young girl Josie ,who masquerades as a boy after her cruel Aunt casts her aside whose son inherits the family home after the death of her father. She becomes a groom in order to be nearer her horse and to escape from her fate as a companion to an elderly lady. Going from a life of luxury to a life of despair seems intolerable but then Josie falls in love with a horse called Beauty and she is prepared to suffer any hardships to be near him. But when they are cruelly separated she travels to London on a desperate mission to find him.

I absolutely loved the twist in this familiar tale it was a truly enchanting and wonderfully uplifting story. Josie or Joe Green as she becomes is the most endearing character, she is spirited and determined despite facing incredible challenges. Her passion and love for Beauty consumes her and the difficulty of her circumstances pales into insignificance. We are taken on an emotional journey of love, courage, and the power of friendship as Josie sacrifices everything on her quest for her beloved Beauty. Perfect for fans of animal stories, this marvellous adventure will captivate and delight readers.

Lou Kuenzler

Lou Kuenzler

To find out more about Lou Kuenzler you can visit her website, find her on Goodreads or follow her on twitter. If you haven’t already why not try the Shrinking Violet, Princess Disgrace and Bella Broomstick series they come highly recommended by both of my girls.


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Thank you to Olivia Horrox and Scholastic Books for my copy of this gorgeous book.


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