Winter Magic curated by Abi Elphinstone


‘Winter Magic’ is an enchanting collection of delectable short stories from an amazing array of children’s writers which captures completely  the adventure, mystery, excitement and joy of this wondrous season.  A stunning cover from Thomas Flintham hints at the magic lying within these glittering pages. Get ready to fly with snow dragons, dance with the Nutcracker, skate over a frozen Thames and have your dreams come true by a wishing book. So wrap up warm, make yourself a warming drink of hot chocolate and allow yourself to be swept away by these irresistible tales. Like the very best box of chocolates you will be spoilt for choice as you deliberate over what to read first, the contents are so delicious.

With a marvellous mixture of historical and contemporary settings every story is wonderfully different each of them giving us a different insight of the magic of winter. I was captivated by the twisted fairy tales in Berlie Doherty’s ‘Someone Like the Snow Queen and Jamila Gavin’s ‘Into the Mountain’. These sublime retellings of the Snow Queen and Pied Piper will excite and delight lovers of traditional tales. Mystery and boarding school fans will be intrigued by Lauren St John’s ‘The Room with the Mountain View’. Snowy mountains and  sleds pulled by huskies with eerily beautiful blue eyes promises an unforgettable experience for the reader. Emma Carroll and Katherine Woodfine whisk you back to a snowy past, filled with frozen rivers, twirling snowflakes and dreams of a happier future. Whilst Piers Torday and Michelle Harrison create timeless, contemporary almost cautionary fairy tales where we discover that we must be careful of what we wish for in life. Finishing with the magnificent ‘The Snow Dragon’ from Abi Elphinstone, an emotional tale brimming with danger, wonder and hope. Even the coldest of hearts will find themselves melting when they meet the fabulous Phoebe and Herb.

‘Winter Magic’ is the perfect gift and I’m sure any child would be thrilled to find this under their Christmas tree. Ideal for sharing with younger readers or for more confident readers to read independently. Choosing short stories to use in schools invites children to meet undiscovered authors opening up their minds to so many new adventures. I think this deserves a special place in every school library.

Thank you to Hannah Cooper and Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy of this gorgeous book.

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