A celebration of Children’s Non-Fiction for Younger Readers


To celebrate National Non-Fiction November I have chosen some fantastic fact books to inform and entertain the most curious of young minds. Each of these books are wonderfully interactive and feature the most vibrant illustrations to capture the imaginations of the reader.

On the Trail of the Whale/ Where is the Bear? – Camila de la Bédoyère             with illustrations by Richard Watson & Emma Levey


Set out on an amazing adventure through forests and oceans all over the world to help Otto the Octupus and Suki the Artic Hare on their intrepid missions to find Hula the Humpback Whale and a Panda named Ping. Follow the clues, complete the activities, whilst discovering new habitats and species. Combining lively rhymes with intriguing information and engaging illustrations the ‘Super Search Adventure’ series allows the most eager explorer to travel our planet using their very best spotting skills to identify creatures along the way. This will provide hours of interactive fun learning and the wipe-clean fold out covers means they can relive their adventures over and over again.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things – DK Books


For little learners who want to know everything, this comprehensive encyclopedia contains hundreds of exciting facts on animals, people, places and the planet we live on. It makes the perfect first compendium featuring easy to navigate layouts making it accessible to younger readers.  Parents no longer need to worry when faced by those difficult questions “why does the moon change its shape?” or “why does it rain?” Children will be enthralled by unbelievable insights such as Blue Whales need to eat 40 million krill a day to feel full up and they are bigger than even the biggest dinosaur. Featuring bright and colourful illustrations this is an irresistible information book which would make a brilliant addition to any home or primary school library.

One Is Not A Pair – Britta Teckentrup & Katie Haworth


‘One Is Not A Pair’ is a delightful, captivating spotting book inviting children to find the thing that’s not a pair. Each page is filled with rhyming riddles and sumptuous spreads to excite and challenge. it’s not as easy as it may look to spot the odd one out as the differences are more subtle than you would expect thus providing a  more complex matching book for slightly older children. Stunningly illustrated in Britta Teckentrup’s eye catching and unique style and beautifully presented, this is an absolute gem of a book.

Animal Surprises – Nicola Davies & Abbie Cameron


‘Animal Surprises’ invites us to follow a young adventurer as she treks through the jungle, dives deep down into the sea and climbs high up into the trees. The key to this tale is that it is full of the unexpected introducing children to magnificent and diverse habitats where they will discover creatures of all shapes and sizes, some they know and some surprises. Bold and bright illustrations by Abbie Cameron combined with the specialist knowledge of zoologist and writer Nicola Davies captured in enchanting rhyme,  make this book a must have buy.  Excitingly, this book is part of a series and also includes ‘The Word Bird’ and ‘Into the Blue.’

An Animal ABC – Alice Pattullo


There is a wealth of alphabet and animal books for younger readers but ‘An Animal ABC’ by Alice Pattullo really caught my attention with its magical menagerie of animals. Each letter of the alphabet is exquisitely  illustrated with a different and often curious animal. It reads aloud magnificently with the lyrical, rhyming text enchanting the listener keeping them captivated throughout. Unusual facts punctuate the pages offering the chid a unique introduction to each of the animals. Vibrant and insightful this book deserves to be treasured.

Thank you to Graffeg, Miles Kelly, Pavilion Books. Big Picture Press and DK Books for sending me copies of these books.

National Non-Fiction November 2016


To celebrate National Non-Fiction November 2016 The Federation of Children’s Book Groups
has drawn up a list of 100 of the most exciting, intriguing, eye-opening non-fiction books for
children and young people of all ages, books to delight, inspire and make you gasp (or even
giggle) in wonder.

With the support of a wide range of non-fiction publishers, The FCBG has teamed up with
World Book Day for a spectacular giveaway – the sort that will instantly create an incredible
library packed with true adventures through time and space, bursting at the seams with titles to feed curiosity, amazement and delight in the real world.

Find full details of the giveaway (including how to nominate organisations or enter as individuals) and download the full ‘100 Brilliant Non-Fiction Books for Children and Young People’ list on the World Book Day website.


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