A Celebration of Children’s Non-Fiction for Older Readers


To celebrate National Non-Fiction November I have chosen some fantastic fact books to inform and engage even the most curious of older children. Each of these books have been specially chosen for their intricate details and exquisite illustrations which are bound to delight the most inquisitive child.

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World – Kate Pankhurst


Kate Pankhurst, descendant of Emmeline Pankhurst, has created this wonderful book which takes readers on an exciting journey where they will meet  extraordinary women who have managed to achieve amazing things. Fly through the sky with Amelia Earheart, swim the English Channel with Gertrude Ederle and walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs with Mary Anning. Stuffed full of stunning, detailed illustrations and astounding information this provides a perfect introduction to some of the women, who have changed history. An exceptional read, it is  one of my favourite non-fiction books of the year and it deserves to be in every primary school library.

Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal – DK Books


If your child is currently loving the ‘Planet Earth’ series then they will love this glorious book which brings the animal kingdom to life with the most incredible, informative details. Encounter every kind of creature from the tiny water flea, to the mighty blue whale. Discover animal life in amazing 3D images, right down to the shimmering scales on a butterfly’s wing, the jagged edge of a tiger’s tooth, and the posion spur of a platypus. Find out how ants communicate, what penguins do to protect their young, and why chameleons change colour. This book has been an instant hit in my family who love nothing better than spending hours filling themselves full of facts. A treasure trove of amazing information, yet again DK Books hits the spot with the perfect book for animal lovers.

Botanicum – Katie Scott & Kathy Willis


Welcome to ‘Botanicum’, a wondrous plant museum from Katie Scott, the illustrator of the wondrous ‘Animalium’ and Kathy Willis the Director of Science at the Royal Botanic Gardens . This museum is open all hours. It houses an extraordinary collection of plants and fungi, from tiny algae to trees that tower up to eighty metres high. So how did plants evolve? How did Earth reach the diversity of plant life we see today? Step inside to explore the plant kingdom in all its glory. This divine celebration of plants features a colourful array of intricate and dazzling illustrations combined with comprehensive botanical knowledge. Beautifully presented in a large, high quality format this is a book that the whole family can enjoy.

Highest Mountain, Deepest Ocean – Page Tsou


Do you know how cold the coldest place on Earth is? Or how deep the deepest land animal goes? Do you know which creature was the largest to have roamed the earth? Or how old the oldest tree is? Find out the answers to these and much more in this pictorial compendium of natural wonders. This book has a vintage feel with its muted palette of colours that make you feel like you’re dipping into a long forgotten masterpiece from the past. Yet it still manages to feel contemporary with its combination of historical and current facts. A visual feast for the eyes which will satisfy the curiosity of children seeking to uncover the many wonders of our world.

Thank you to Big Picture Press and DK Books for sending me copies of these books.

National Non-Fiction November 2016


To celebrate National Non-Fiction November 2016 The Federation of Children’s Book Groups has drawn up a list of 100 of the most exciting, intriguing, eye-opening non-fiction books for children and young people of all ages, books to delight, inspire and make you gasp (or even giggle) in wonder.

With the support of a wide range of non-fiction publishers, The FCBG has teamed up with World Book Day for a spectacular giveaway – the sort that will instantly create an incredible library packed with true adventures through time and space, bursting at the seams with titles to feed curiosity, amazement and delight in the real world.

Find full details of the giveaway (including how to nominate organisations or enter as individuals) and download the full ‘100 Brilliant Non-Fiction Books for Children and Young People’ list on the World Book Day website: http://www.worldbookday.com/2016/10/100-brilliant-non-fiction-books/

6 thoughts on “A Celebration of Children’s Non-Fiction for Older Readers

  1. Young Fermanagh Naturalist

    This is awesome Jo and all those books look amazing! Christmas list stuff 😉 I’m hoping to do reviews of my best books of 2016 (I think we’ll have mutual favourites 😉)
    Thanks for another great blogs, you’ve helped my choices a lot over the last month! I read a lot!



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