Cover Reveal The Troublesome Tiger – Tamysn Murray

I am really excited to be able to reveal today the cover of Tamsyn Murray’s newest addition to the ‘Tanglewood Animal Park’ series, ‘The Troublesome Tiger which will be published by Usborne on February 1st 2017.

So without further ado here it is….


This tigerrific cover has been designed by Hannah Cobley and Amy Manning at Usborne, with cover artwork from Chuck Groenink who also creates the illustrations inside the book.

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy this fantastic series, this is a perfect opportunity to read the first book ‘Baby Zebra Rescue’. When Zoe and her family buy Tanglewood Animal Park it seems like a dream come true for an animal loving girl to have lemurs, lions and zebras for neighbours. But things don’t run very smoothly for the Fox family and Zoe finds herself constantly arguing with the vet’s son Oliver who seems to resent her living there. Immersing herself helping to take care of the animals Zoe tries to ignore Oliver, but when a baby zebra Flash goes missing can they work together to save the day?  Children will be enchanted by this wonderful tale filled with excitement and a multitude of animal facts to delight and inform.

I’m intrigued to find out what happens next to Zoe and Oliver in their latest story, so let’s find out more.

The Troublesome Tiger

Zoe can’t wait to meet Tindu, the magnificent tiger who’s just arrived at Tanglewood. But Tindu’s having problems settling into his new home and refuses to leave his den. With the Terrific Tigers weekend just two weeks away, the pressure is on! Can Zoe and Oliver help Tindu’s keepers come up with a way to get this troublesome tiger to trust them?



Tamsyn Murray


Tamysn Murray writes across all ages, from picture books to adult (as Holly Hepburn). Her books include the furtastic Stunt Bunny series, the Afterlife series, the cringe-along Completely Cassidy books and her first YA books for five years, Instructions for a Second-hand Heart. The first book in the Tanglewood Animal Park series – Baby Zebra Rescue – was published in July and The Troublesome Tiger is out on 1st February 2-17. with a third title to follow later in the year.

When she is not writing, Tamsyn likes singing and dancing and eating ice-cream. She owns many pets and two children.

To find out more about Tamsyn visit her website  or follow her on Twitter @TamsynTweetie

Thank you to Tamysn for inviting me to reveal the cover of her fabulous new book, I’m looking forward to reading it in February.

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