Radio Boy – Christian O’Connell illustrated by Rob Biddulph


At school there seems to be a high demand for two types of genres ‘mystery’ and ‘funny’ and Radio Boy from Christian O’Connell seems to tick both boxes so I can see it being a huge hit with the children at school. When Spike gets fired from hospital radio it seems like his dream of becoming a Superstar DJ is in tatters. But undeterred and with the help of his dad and his two formidable best friends Artie and Holly he launches a new show, under the secret identity of Radio Boy. Radio Boy becomes an overnight sensation with its witty and rebellious format, but fame has it’s problems. Spike’s life begins to slowly unravel when he decides to make an enemy of his headmaster ‘Fish Face’ who is determined to discover just who is Radio Boy. With everyone set against him, can Spike keep his identity a secret?

This is a hilarious debut from Christian O’Connell it genuinely made me laugh out loud and cringe inside as Spike goes out of control as fame goes to his head. I loved how Spike is able to achieve what he wants because he has a teacher who believes in him and a Dad who refuses to let him give up the opportunity to pursue his passion, because a twist in fate meant he’s now a supermarket manager instead of the rock star he wanted to be. The love for music shines through this book in the fabulous soundtrack provided by Artie’s amazing vinyl collection which complements the storyline perfectly. A great cast of believable character has been assembled in this story but my personal favourite is Holly she’s smart and feisty I could easily see her running the country with ease and an exact timetable.  Just when you think it can’t get any better, Rob Biddulph comes along and sprinkles magic throughout the book with his brilliantly funny illustrations which give this book a real edge.

A huge thank you to FMcM and Harper Collins for sending me a copy of this hilarious book.


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