The Night Spinner – Abi Elphinstone


Reading ‘The Night Spinner’ by Abi Elphinstone was a really emotional experience for me. ‘The Dreamsnatcher‘ was the very first book I reviewed on my blog and I chose it because it had the feel of a timeless classic and evoked memories of my favourite childhood reads. I felt drawn into Moll’s world in the same way I was with Narnia and the Northern Lights series. I could clearly see it and wanted to be there with them and become part of their tribe. The story moved at such a pace I struggled to put it down, it simply left me wanting more. I kept promising myself just one more chapter, then just another one. I was left desperately wanting to find out what would happen next and luckily for me I received an early copy of the sequel.  With dastardly smugglers, sinister villians and magical I was totally captivated  by ‘The Shadow Keeper.’ As the story drew to a close I wondered what the future might hold for the tribe but I felt certain that there were many more battles for them to fight before the old magic could be fully restored. And so ‘The Night Spinner’ begins…….

Deep within Tanglefern Forest, feeling bereft and lost, Moll and her tribe are ready to set off on quest across the northern wilderness in search for the last Amulet of Truth. Time is running out and the darkness is closing in, leaving a wave of misery and destruction in its wake. Armed only with a set of mysterious clues they must face the most difficult part of their journey. But danger is lurking behind every corner and they must use their wit and bravery to outwit witches, goblins and giants as they climb treacherous peaks, weather unnatural storms and scale vast lakes. Do they have what it takes to defeat the dark magic once and for all?

The temptation to devour this book in one sitting was really strong, but when you’re on your final journey with friends you really don’t want it to end so I rationed myself a few chapters at a time, which took incredible willpower.  Cinematic in it’s journey across the northern wilderness, it stimulated all of my senses with the sumptuous descriptions of the snow, tipped mountains, deep, dark lochs and the heather filled moors. Thomas Flintham’s map conveys the epic nature of the quest brilliantly, giving the reader a real insight into the size of the mission the tribe must complete to save the old magic. His bold, stunning cover captures the excitement and danger of one of the most thrilling sequences in the story

Packed with drama, danger, daring and most importantly heart from beginning to end, this story is a truly emotional rollercoaster of a ride. As we come to the end of this epic journey I felt incredibly tense and agitated, there is a moment – you will know it when you read it – that I let out an audible gasp as I couldn’t quite believe what was unfolding before my eyes. As ever the characterisation is brilliant and it is the cast of secondary characters which give this story a real depth creating this believable but magic world which you find yourself lost in once again. A truly spectacular end to this outstanding trilogy, ‘The Night Spinner’ is a story that will stay with me forever.

Thank you to Abi and Simon & Schuster for a copy of this fabulous book.

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