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I am delighted to welcome Marc Martin to the blog today as part of the ‘Lots’ blog tour with a special guest post. ‘Lots’ is an exquisitely illustrated celebration of the world in which we live. Marc Martin takes the reader on a spectacular journey visiting continents, huge cities, rainforests and oceans celebrating the rich and diverse cultures of our planet. Each spread is crammed with intricate details and facts which will satisfy the most curious of minds. Stunningly presented, each spread is a joy to behold. This is book is illustrated non-fiction at its very best!


So without further ado, let me pass you over to Marc who is sharing his favourite illustrated non-fiction books.

Marc Martin


My top 5 children’s illustrated non-fiction books that you love and why 

1. All the Miroslav Sasek’s This Is series. Lovingly illustrated and expertly researched, this iconic collection of books by one of the masters of modernist illustration defines the genre of non-fiction travel picture books (in my opinion!). There’s just so much to explore on each page, and I love the mix of abstraction and detail he uses to depict particular places. There’s also facts and figures about each location, and a little bit of humour for good measure

2. Book of Cities by Piero Ventura. Originally published in 1975, this is another classic globetrotting picture book exploring the things that happen in cities all around the world. Beautiful line work, soft colours and a terrific sense of space make each city come alive, and small details within encourage the reader to examine each page with care and attention.

3. Shackelton’s Journey by William Grill. Artfully illustrated and meticulously written, this book has it all. Maps, facts, figures and a fascinating narrative to boot, the story of Ernest Shackelton’s voyage to Antarctica is a fascinating read for both children and adults, and a true testament to my belief that picture books don’t just have to be for children!

4. The Giant Golden Book of Biology illustrated by Charley Harper. This book is hard to come by because it’s a classic. Illustrated by the prolific Charley Harper, the iconic cover hints at the plethora of amazing illustrations within. From human anatomy to flora and fauna, Harper’s creative approach to any subject matter makes each page feel like a design classic. Oh, and learning about biology is pretty fun too!

5. Jemmy Button by Jennifer Uman and & Valerio Vidali. Based on the true story of Jemmy Button, a native boy from Tierra del Fuego brought to England to be ‘civilised’, the unique thing about this book is how successfully two incredibly talented illustrators have collaborated to make the story come alive. The looseness and organic style of the illustrations make each page rich with colour and texture, and the use various techniques including collage, paint and pencil combine to create a visually arresting picture book. 

You can find out more about Marc by visiting his website or follow him on Twitter @marc_martin

Blog Tour

In case you missed it why not join in with the rest of the blog tour for my guest posts and reviews.


Thank you to Antonia and Big Picture Press for sending me a copy of this gorgeous book and inviting me to join in with the blog tour.

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