Wonderful Wordless Picture Books

I’m a big fan of wordless picture books and have a beautiful collection in my school library. Today on the blog I am delighted to share with you some of my favourites, each of them featuring a dazzling array of stunning spreads. Wordless picture books are incredibly useful for children at all different stages in their reading and writing development. For younger readers these books allow them to tell their own story because they are not restricted by words they can read, they can use their imagination to the full. As children begin on their reading journey it teaches them how they can use the pictures as clues to understand what is happening in the story, even if they can’t read certain words independently. When children become fluent in reading they can provide a starting point for them to write their own versions of the book using the pictures as prompts and allow them to understand how to structure a story from start to finish.

Dog on a Digger – Kate Prendergast

This glorious follow up to ‘Dog on a Train’ is another stunning picture book from Kate Prendergast. Dog is back in another wordless adventure and this time he’s ready to help his friend who has gone missing on the building site. When all else fails will Dog be able to find little Scruff? With the help of an ingenious plan and Digger, Dog might just save the day. Featuring a dramatic and compelling narrative, this is a story that children will find hard to put down. Kate captures the relationship between the characters brilliantly creating the most beautiful and thoughtful expressions that highlight the love and loyalty perfectly. Exquisite black and white spreads with splashes of yellow fill each page and Kate’s attention to detail will have you pouring over this delightful book time and time again.

The White Book – Silvia Borando, Lorenzo Clerici & Elisabetta Pica

‘The White Book’ is an irresistible bold and colourful wordless picture book. We meet a boy all alone, armed with only a paintbrush and his imagination to conjure up a new friend. Using vivid strokes of colour the boy creates a wondrous world of different animals: birds who fly into the sky; fishes that swim away; a dinosaur who terrifies him; and an elephant who squashes him, none of them are what he needs or wants. Will he ever find true happiness? This energetic and vibrant story is packed with surprises and humour and is bound to captivate the attention of younger readers.

Spot, the Cat – Henry Cole

An open window proves irresistible and leads to a day filled with adventure for Spot, the cat. Watch as we follow him on his journey weaving his way in and out of the city unaware of the sad boy he has left behind desperately searching for his beloved cat. Filled with intricate and exquisite black and white illustrations, readers will love scouring the pages searching for Spot and wondering where his journey will take him next. A powerful exploration of the bond between a boy and his cat. This emotional and beautiful story is brimming with longing and hope and I can’t recommend it enough.

Bee & Me – Alison Jay

Inspired by a bee that flew in through the window of Alison Jay’s studio one day that fell down exhausted. ‘Bee and Me’ celebrates the vital role bees play in nature through a little girl who befriends a bee.  The girl is lonely and she forms an unlikely friendship with bee and they spend hours playing together. But despite all the fun they have together she realises bee is sad. He misses a world full of flowers living in the bleak, grey city so they hatch a plan to turn it into a riotous extravaganza of wildlife and colour. A gentle, heart warming story brought to life through Alison’s sublime illustrations bursting with colour and energy, this book is one not to miss. A perfect way to help children understand the wonder of nature.

Free the Lines – Clayton Junior

‘Free the Lines’ is a silent story about a little cat on a fishing adventure but at the heart of this story is a strong environmental message about the need to protect the planet on which we live. Follow Cat as he goes fishing, dangling his hook whilst braving the elements. But what should he do when he spots a trawler threatening to scoop up all of the fish, leaving the ocean empty? This book offers the perfect opportunity to involve children in discussion about the dangers that are facing our world, inviting them to take part in a discussion about what the cat should do, underlying the importance of the role we all can play in protecting our planet. Clayton delivers this meaningful environmental message using simple but powerful illustrations. I love the use of a bold but limited palette, using black and white lines against a vivid turquoise background. A wonderful addition to any primary school library.

Thank you to Old Barn Books for sending me copies of ‘Bee & Me’ and ‘Dog on the Digger’.

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