Evie’s Ghost – Helen Peters

‘Evie’s Ghost’ is a compelling time-slip tale from Helen Peters filled with mystery and suspense. When Evie is sent to the middle of nowhere to stay with her ancient godmother Anna, little does she know that this huge spooky stone mansion in the middle of nowhere, holds a dark secret. Evie discovers etched into a pane of glass in her bedroom, the words ‘Sophia Fane imprisoned here 27th April 1814’, which intrigues and terrifies her in equal measures. That night unable to sleep she hears a wailing noise and then a tap at the window, a strange ghostly figure appears beckoning Evie. Fleeing from the room in panic she opens the door only to discover that she is now a housemaid in 1814, arriving only a few days away before the date Sophia was locked up forever. Can she use all of her cunning to stop it happening again?

A wonderful historical novel which takes us on a journey back in time, to when the world was a very different place. Evie’s experience as a housemaid in the 1800s opens her eyes to the hardship and social inequalities of the time. In the present time not having access to a mobile phone or television seems unbearable to Evie,  but after spending hours scrubbing pots by hand her view begins to change. The treatment of Sophia appears barbaric but it serves to highlight the non-existent power that women had at this time, being seen as purely the property of their fathers or husbands. This may seems shocking to younger readers but I feel it’s really important for my daughter’s generation to realise the struggles women went through at this time. Friendship is at the heart of this story and Evie is only able to endure these horrendous conditions with the support of her fellow housemaid Polly. Whilst our first impressions of Evie maybe that she is spoilt and demanding, but her fierce determination to save Sophia no matter what it takes is truly admirable even if she risks losing everything in the process. I was totally gripped by this beautiful story, a really enjoyable and engaging read.

If you want to find out more, you can get a sneak peek of ‘Evie’s Ghost, as the first two chapters are now available on the Nosy Crow website.


Thank you to Nosy Crow books for sending my a copy of this beautiful book.

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