Harper and the Night Forest – Cerrie Burnell & Laura Ellen Anderson

Today it’s my stop on the ‘Harper and the Night Forest’ blog tour with a review of this glorious book by Cerrie Burnell with illustrations by Laura Ellen Anderson. This happens to be my favourite ‘Harper’ book in the series because it captures the power of storytelling and the magic of fairy-tales beautifully . Harper and her friends are taken on another whirlwind adventure when they agree to help the Wild Conductor capture the enchanted Ice Raven. Determined to win his place back in the Circus of Dreams, he will stop at nothing to capture this mythical bird. When the children enter the forest they soon begin to discover that there are secrets hidden in these mysterious woods. Before long they realise the terrible consequences that would happen if the Ice Raven left the enchanted Night Forest for ever. Can they stop the Wild Conductor before it’s too late?

With wonderful characterisation and exquisite storytelling, Cerrie takes you on a journey to fantastical world where you discover fairy-tale keepers and an haunting unfinished fairy-tale of the Ice Raven and the Lone Wolf which is filled with sadness and loneliness. I love the incredible attention to detail that she uses to creates this magical world filled with clocks marking the moments fairy-tales began, a cottage filled with objects straight out of fairy-tales  – including a red cloak made of the same material as Harper’s umbrella – and stories carved into trees to keep them alive. Filled with the most interesting characters that give the story a richness and depth. Liesel is my absolute favourite, her obsession with fairy-tales and longing to be part of one  is just delightful. I love how she has no fear of falling down a chimney of a witch’s cottage or is thrilled to stumble upon a wolf in the forest, feeling disappointment when she realises it’s the enchanted prince. Laura’s illustrations are just divine capturing the spirit and excitement of the adventure that Harper and her friends find themselves in. I can imagine it must be incredibly challenging to capture such extraordinary objects as a ‘cloudian’ but Laura does this brilliantly.

This is a truly irresistible tale filled with magic and wonder, if you haven’t discovered Harper and her friends why not join them on this marvellous adventure.

Cerrie Burnell

Cerrie Burnell is a much-loved presenter on Cbeebies. She was named in the Observer’s top ten children’s presenters and also featured in the Guardian’s 2011 list of 100 most inspirational women where she received praise for tackling disability head on. Cerrie divides her time between London and Manchester. Her bestselling picture books Snowflakes and Mermaid, illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson, have won critical acclaim. Magical adventure Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella is her first novel for young readers.

You can find out more by following Cerrie on Twitter @cerrieburnell

Laura Ellen Anderson

When she’s not trying to take over the world or fighting sock-stealing monsters, Laura Ellen Anderson is a professional children’s book author & illustrator, with an increasing addiction to coffee. She spends every waking hour creating & drawing and would quite like to live on the Moon when humans finally make it possible. 

You can find out more by following Laura on Twitter @Lillustrator or visiting her website.

Thank you to Faye and Scholastic for inviting me to join this blog tour and for sending me a copy of this truly special book.

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