Fum – Karl Newson & Lucy Fleming

It was with much anticipation that I got my hands on a copy of ‘Fum’ by Karl Newson and Lucy Fleming. I’m a fan of Karl’s fabulous ‘Mudwaffler’ picture book blog and have always admired Lucy’s gorgeous illustrations since I first spotted them on the Colour Collective on Twitter. In awe of Lucy’s talent I asked her to create my stunning blog banner which fills me with joy every time I look at it. So I was really excited to see what this wonderful collaboration had produced and after reading ‘Fum’ I was not disappointed.

‘Fum’ tells the tale of the Crumb family, a family of giants who one day manage to lose the smallest Crumb, Fum. We get swept off on an adventure through a land of fairy- tales as we go on a hunt for Fum, across mountains, through forests meeting a dragon,  a talking frog and a princess on the way. As soon as I read this story I knew that this was a book that demanded to be read aloud and I took it into school and shared it a storytime. The reaction from the children was amazing, they took huge delight in shouting out where ‘Fum’ was hiding,  believing me when I said that, just like the Crumb family I couldn’t see him anywhere. I have never heard so much noise and laughter in the library it was a real joy to see. The rambunctious rhymes made it delightful to read and gave me a fantastic opportunity to put my storytelling skills to the test. Lucy’s vibrant and colourful illustrations are filled with the most glorious details offering children the chance to pour over the pages to discover all the different fairy-tale stories within the book. This book would be perfect to use in school within an early years setting as an introduction to fairy-tales, acting as a fantastic spark. Warm and witty,a this proves to be an irresistible combination of a lively and fun story filled with the most splendid illustrations.

You can find out more about Karl by visiting his website or follow him on Twitter @Karlwheel

You can find out more about Lucy by visiting her website or follow her on Twitter @IllustrateLucy

Thank you to Maverick Books for sending me a copy of this wonderful book.

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