The Huntress: Sea – Sarah Driver

‘Sea’ is the first adventure in ‘The Huntress’ trilogy a thrilling and compelling new series from Sarah Driver. This has to be one of my favourite books of the year. It held me firmly in it’s grip until I turned the very last page, feeling breathless like I had been caught up in a unstoppable whirlwind. It is definitely one of those books that demands that you lock yourself in a room and allow yourself to be fully immersed in this stunning story.

Thirteen-year-old Mouse lives aboard The Huntress, a ship captained by her indomitable one-eyed grandma. The sea runs through her blood and the spirits have declared that one day she will captain the ship so Mouse feels inextricably bound to ‘The Huntress’. But when her Dad goes missing and a long lost navigator ‘Stag’ appears, she soon finds herself and her brother Sparrow in terrible danger when a mutiny takes place. A coldness is sweeping across their world and something sinister is approaching, which threatens them all.  Her only hope is a message left by her Dad telling her that she must find the scattered storm-opals of the sea, sky and land to stop the darkness. Can Mouse find them before it is too late?

Sarah has created a magical but world filled with the most glorious and fascinating details. The Huntress is a terrifying place for Mouse and her sickly brother to live, with Terrodyls flying threateningly overhead, menacing merwraiths lurking beneath the water and enemies waiting to prey on them at any given opportunity. But Mouse embraces this danger having reached her thirteenth moon she feels ready to fight to protect the ship that will be hers one day. Mouse is a remarkable heroine, her fierce determination is her salvation but also her failing drawing her into treacherous situations. We are swept away on a perilous journey  with Mouse  – as she struggles to save her family and home – beset on all sides with danger that will fill her with fear and pain. Her resolve is tested to the limits as she leaps from one impossible challenge to another, refusing to give up. Wonderfully atmospheric and deliciously dark you can’t help but being totally entranced by this beautiful tale.

Thank you to Egmont for sending me a copy of this marvellous book.

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