Gaslight – Eloise Williams

‘Gaslight’ by Eloise Williams is an irresistible gothic mystery which takes us back in time to the dark and grimy streets of Victorian Cardiff, where secrets are hidden in the most unexpected places. When Nansi was found at the docks, almost half drowned with her mother missing, she has nowhere to go. An orphan with no family to turn to, she is forced to seek shelter with  despicable theatre owner Sid, who makes her live a dual life as an actress and a thief to earn her keep. Desperately trying to save money to help find her mother, she tolerates this misery clinging to the hope that they will be reunited one day.  But everything in her life changes when Constance and Violet join the theatre and Constance recognises Nansi. She finds herself in incredible danger and must run to save her life. Can she save her mother and can she save herself?

‘Gaslight’ is a thrilling, gritty adventure which will enthral and scare you in equal measures. It takes the reader to a bleak place filled with ruthless and despicable villains who will stop at nothing to get their own way. Wonderfully atmospheric, Eloise’s writing is rich and evocative, stimulating all your senses with the most intricate descriptions giving the reader a real sense of the darkness of the time and place .But there are shades of light scattered throughout the story, allowing the reader to feel that there may be light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Nansi is in the most hopeless of situations but she doesn’t lose her humanity. Despite being treated appallingly she seeks solace in books and takes care of Bee even risking herself to protect her. A breath taking adventure full of twists, turns and the unexpected, prepare to be shocked and surprised by the glorious ‘Gaslight.’

To find out more about Eloise visit her website or follow her on Twitter @Eloisejwilliams

Thank you to Firefly Press for sending me a copy of this glorious book!

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