Moonlocket – Peter Bunzl

It was with much anticipation that I  opened up the pages of ‘Moonlocket’, Having got my hands on an early copy of the magnificent ‘Cogheart‘ last year I have had to wait a whole year to find out what adventures lay ahead for Lily and Robert. ‘Cogheart’ was deservedly one of my most favourite reads of 2016, a really thrilling adventure and a stunning debut from Peter Bunzl! How could ‘Moonlocket’ possibly live up to the glorious ‘Cogheart’? Well I can confirm that not only does this fabulous book live up to it’s predecessor it in fact surpasses it, being even more compelling and exciting!

When a notorious escapologist and jewel thief known Jack Door breaks out of jail and heads towards Brackenbridge determined to find the mysterious Moonlocket it spells trouble for our formidable heroes.  Secrets from Robert’s past emerge and they soon discover that he holds the long-lost secret to the location of the missing Moonlocket. Robert finds himself inextricably caught up in the search and he’s plunged into terrible danger, trapped in the cruel game that Jack is playing. Can Lily and Malkin unravel the clues to determine the Moonlocket’s whereabouts and protect Robert before it’s too late….

Whilst ‘Cogheart’ was Lily’s story, you really feel that ‘Moonlocket’ the reader’s chance to discover Robert’s story. And just as Robert found himself unwittingly caught up in Lily’s perilous adventure, Lily finds herself swept along in a dangerous journey to try and stop Jack succeeding in his deadly plan. Jack Door is the most menacing and dastardly of villains that I have ever encountered in middle grade fiction, for me he feels more terrifying because it feels more personal this time. Yet again Peter has assembled a marvellous and compelling cast of characters whose lives you can’t help but become engrossed within. His rich storytelling conjures up the most fantastical of worlds within which you manage to feel lost as you find yourself captivated by this truly, exciting and dramatic adventure. Deliciously dark and irresistibly gripping, ‘Moonlocket’ proves to be another extraordinary story that you won’t want to forget from Peter Bunzl.

You can find out more about Peter on his website  which has some fabulous activities perfect for schools or book groups. Or why not follow him on Twitter @peterbunzl

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