There’s A Werewolf In My Tent – Pamela Butchart & Thomas Flintham

It was with huge excitement that we got our hands on a copy of the newest ‘Izzy’ book from Pamela Butchart & Thomas Flintham because we just adore this brilliant series. Hugely funny and compelling I have been using this series for years to get reluctant readers to begin to engage with books and it’s always proved to be a success. They are so popular at school that you are more likely to spot a werewolf in my school library than one of these books because they are ridiculously popular. I can already predict that ‘There’s A Werewolf In My Tent’ will be whizzing off my shelves because this is the funniest one by far.

Izzy and her friends are “mega excited” about going away for four whole nights on a school trip camping in the wilderness.  Knowing that they have a tendency to have slightly overactive imaginations, it’s bound not to run smoothly. Having been convinced they have had baby aliens in school and that there head teacher was a vampire rat in previous stories what could they possibly think would happen now? So, when all the sausages mysteriously disappear and they are disturbed by howling in the night they know that something strange is afoot. And then they spot their new teacher’s hairy legs they are convinced there’s a werewolf on their school trip and that they’re all doomed!

This book is wonderfully appealing, I love how Izzy and her friends fall in and out of friendship but still look out for each other, we know that this is true for children and seeing that it can be resolved quite simply is reassuring. It captures perfectly how children can have the most remarkable imaginations which can often lead them to trouble and cause misunderstandings.  Energetic and frenzied, we are swept along with this story by Pamela’s brilliant writing and  punchy short chapters keeping the momentum of the story fast-paced whilst making sure the reader is thoroughly entertained. Your laughter becomes uncontrollable as you see the characters trying to make sense of what’s going on and getting completely muddled with more and more far-fetched scenarios emerging as the story progresses. Wonderfully accessible, the bold typeface interspersed with Thomas Flintham’s  witty and lively illustrations make it a perfect read for newly confident readers tackling chapter books who may be overwhelmed by pages of text. This series is a must have for every primary school library I just can’t recommend it enough.

Thank you to Nosy Crow for sending me a copy of his hilarious book!

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