Bigfoot, Tobin and Me – Melissa Savage

‘Bigfoot, Tobin and Me’ is a stunning debut from Melissa Savage, an incredible tale of adventure, friendship and overcoming grief which filled my heart with joy. Meet Lemonade, who is uprooted from her home in the city – after the tragic death of her mother –  to live with a grandfather she has never met to the wilds of Willow Creek. A place where everyone is obsessed with finding ‘Bigfoot’, especially Tobin the self styled CEO of ‘Bigfoot Detectives, Inc’ who manages to persuade Lemonade to join him in the search for this elusive creature. Together they embark on a journey of discovery where they find something that neither of them expected.

I found this story wonderfully endearing and totally captivating, devouring it in one sitting, desperate to find out just what Lemonade and Tobin discover. The quest for ‘Bigfoot’ injects an excitement and energy into this tale thus allowing Lemonade to escape from her grief and prevents the reader from being overwhelmed with sadness at the circumstances she finds herself in. Stuffed full of mystery and red herrings, as we turn each page we wonder will we ever get to the truth about ‘Bigfoot’ as each clue seems to fall flat. Our intrepid duo show great resilience and refuse to be deterred at the seemingly never-ending dead turns.

The characterisation is just marvellous with Lemonade and Tobin making a formidable team. My personal favourite is Tobin who I absolutely adored for his unfailingly belief in ‘Bigfoot’ which helps him to deal with his own loss and confusion over his missing father. We feel the pain and agony of all the characters as they learn to live their lives without their loved ones and the coping mechanisms they use to survive. Ultimately this is a tale about the things in life that keep us going and how we move forward in difficult times. Although it is an emotional story it is remarkably uplifting and I found it sublimely  compelling. Definitely one of my must have reads of the year!

You can find out more about Melissa by visiting her website or following her on Twitter @melissadsavage

Thank you to Chicken House books for sending me a copy of this beautiful book.

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