My Evil Twin is a Supervillian – David Solomons

Just when you thought the world was safe from dastardly supervillains, along comes another threat to mankind in the shape of ‘Luke’?!? Fans of this fabulous series will no doubt cry out “not Luke, he can’t have stepped over into the dark side?” Ok it’s not exactly our Luke, but another Luke aka Stellar from another dimension who was able to control his bladder and so was granted superhero powers by Zorgon. Luke has read so many comics that he knows his twin from another world has to be a supervillain. Nobody travels through time and space without a plan, and that plan is usually evil. Luke is furious when Stellar tries to recruit Zack for a mission to defeat Gorgon the World-Eater but nobody will listen to his suspicions. Luckily for Luke, Zack’s mocks can’t be interrupted –  just to save the world – giving him just enough time to find out the truth about Stellar’s true purpose. What Luke reveals is even more villainous than he suspected and having two Lukes in close proximity is unwittingly playing cosmic Jenga with the very fabric of existence. Is this the end of the world for everyone……

I absolutely adored ‘My Brother is a Superhero’ and ‘My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord’ but David Solomons has excelled himself with the mind-blowingly brilliant ‘My Evil Twin is a Supervillian’. Nothing can prepare you for the twists and turns that this hilarious comic tale will take you on, as we watch the battle unfold between Luke and Stellar. Whilst there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments yet again it’s the subtle humour that I find most appealing. I love when Stellar lands his spacecraft in IKEA and it transforms into a stylishly minimalist bedroom set, this observational humour is wonderfully witty and definitely puts a smile on my face. Action packed and thrilling this feels like the most dangerous of situations that Luke and Star Lad have found themselves in, and it’s nail biting and tense to the very end. David Solomons really is a comic genius, I just can’t get enough of his stories another triumph of a book to add to this fantastic series.

Thank you to Nosy Crow for sending me a copy of this hilarious book, ‘My Evil Twin is a Supervillian’ is released on July 6th and is available to pre-order online or from any good bookshop.

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