George – Alex Gino

I am delighted to be taking part in Scholastic’s #ReadwithPride campaign with a review and giveaway of the marvellous ‘George’ by Alex Gino. When people look at George, they think they see a boy but George knows she’s not a boy, she’s really a girl. George doesn’t know how she can tell her friends and family that she’s a girl and thinks she will have to keep it a secret forever. But an opportunity presents itself when George’s teacher announces that their class play is going to be Charlotte’s Web. She is desperate to play the part of Charlotte but the teacher refuses to let her try out for the part because she’s a boy. With the help of her friend Kelly, George finds a way to show the world who she really is!

‘George’ is one of the most beautiful and wonderful stories I have ever read. By using female pronouns from the beginning of the story it is quite clear to the reader that George is really a girl even though everyone who surrounds her fails to recognise that. I found it truly heart breaking the internal struggle she faces in how she can possibly share this truth with her family and friends without them rejecting her. Her friendship with Kelly is probably her salvation that gives her the strength to try and tell her family how she truly feels. By allowing George to play Charlotte, Kelly allows everyone to see for the first time that George is actually a girl and not a boy. Her joy at being given this opportunity filled my heart with joy and brought tears to my eyes, This is one of those stories that needs to be in every school library, a perfect empathetic read which introduces children to the incredibly difficult situation that transgender children find themselves in. But it is more than this, it truly is a tale for anyone who has felt that they don’t belong and craves acceptance, who struggle to fit in with the expectations that the world places upon them. Thoughtful and moving a definite must have read.


Thank you to Olivia and Scholastic for sending me a copy of this book and inviting me to take part in the Scholastic’s #ReadwithPride campaign. If you would like to win a copy of ‘George’ leave a comment on my blog or head over to my Twitter page, ends 7th July UK only.

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