The Accidental Billionaire – Tom McLaughlin

I’m a huge fan of Tom McLaughlin’s Accidental series. ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ was one of the first books I reviewed on my blog and I reviewed ‘The Accidental Secret Agent’ with some of the children at my school for the TES Class Review. So when I heard there was a new book coming I knew that I must get my hands on a copy as soon as possible, and luckily for me the lovely people at OUP sent a copy for me to devour and devour it I did!  What would you do if you became mega-rich over night? Well that’s exactly what happens to Jasper Spam when he accidentally invents the world’s first talking cat with the help of a crazy experiment involving a shed, a mallet and a poorly aimed laser beam. People desperate to get their cats to talk, start handing over huge wads of cash and before he knows it he’s a billionaire. But having every thing you ever wanted doesn’t guarantee happiness and soon his new life starts to unravel.

Yet again Tom uses an irresistible combination of slapstick and subtle humour to entertain and amuse the reader. Stuffed full of amusing episodes we see the chaos unfold as Jasper is let loose with money to burn. Furniture from IKEA is obviously not good enough for his new mansion so a trip to The British Museum with his very own personal shopper to buy accessories has to be de rigeur for any own young billionaire. The reader revels in the ridiculousness of Jasper being dressed from head to toe in gold and diamonds which make it too heavy for him even to walk but it has to be only the best for him even if it’s uncomfortable and unpractical. But playing against the background of his newly acquired fortune there are some unexpected circumstances. and a world full of talking cats soon proves to be problematic. We all know that they are incredibly intelligent and cunning creatures but who could predict that a bunch of cats who could suddenly talk would create the most disturbing plot?!?!? Tom’s fantastic and witty illustrations capture this rollercoaster of a ride that Jasper faces as he’s unexpectedly thrown into this bizarre and uncontrollable situation. This is a truly laugh-out-loud book, which is guaranteed to entertain and amuse both children and adults alike. A must have read, it is one of the funniest books I have read this year.

Thank you to Hannanh and OUP for sending me a copy of this hilarious book I know it will be a huge hit in my school library.

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