Spy Toys – Mark Powers & Tim Wesson

Today it’s my stop on the blog tour for the newest book in the ‘Spy Toys’ series ‘Out of Control.’ This seems like the perfect opportunity to share with you both books in the series, which are both equally witty and hilarious. Brilliantly written by Mark Powers and wonderfully illustrated by Tim Wesson, this series is bound to engage and entertain newly confident readers. Filled with action,  slapstick humour and crazy escapades this action-packed adventure series is difficult to put down.

Spy Toys: Playtime is Over

So what happens when the world’s leading toy manufacturer make toys that don’t exactly meet the grade, well they’re thrown onto a reject pile destined for a sad future. What use is a Snugliffic Cuddlestar bear like Dan who should be perfect for hugging, but because of a faulty chip is so strong he could crush a car. And who could possibly want Arabella, a Loadsasmiles Sunshine Doll, who unfortunately has a very short temper and is absolutely NOT good with children. Luckily for them they are saved from the jaws of death and are recruited to work for the ‘Department of Secret Affairs’ as Spy Toys and are assigned their first mission to protect the Prime Minister’s son. Together with an AWOL robot police rabbit they must thwart the evil elephant hybrid’s plans. My 8 year old daughter devoured this is one sitting she declares it to be “funny, adventurous and exciting”!



Spy Toys: Out of Control

It was with great anticipation that we got our hands on ‘Out of Control’ having loved ‘Playtime is Over.’ Fresh from the success of their first mission, our heroes Dan, Arabella and the police robot rabbit are ready to get their hands on a new challenge. This time, the secret code that controls every Snaztacular Ultrafun toy has been stolen and all over the world toys are revolting and turning against the children who own them. How can our dynamic trio ever hope to overcome the evil mastermind who has devised the most dastardly of plans. I predict this series to be a huge hit in my school library. Packed with thrills, spills and laughs a plenty this sequel doesn’t disappoint.



Blog Tour

I’m on the last stop of the blog tour so in case you missed it, why not visit the other participating blogs for more reviews, guest posts and giveaways.

Thank you to Faye for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and to Bloomsbury for sending me copies of these fab books.

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