Izzy Gizmo – Pip Jones & Sara Ogilvie

‘Izzy Gizmo’ is a wonderful new collaboration from Pip Jones and Sara Ogilvie that is totally irresistible. Meet Izzy whose inventions are marvellous, magnificent and sadly often malfunction, much to her frustration. Her ideas are astounding who wouldn’t love the ‘Tea-Mendous’, the ‘Swirly-Spagsonic’ or ‘The Beardtastic’ but she can’t quite get things just right.  She’s on the verge of giving up inventing when Izzy rescues an injured crow. Her new friend crow is heartbroken and all her attempts to make him happy fail. Realising that the key to his happiness is a new pair of wings, Izzy discovers that this time she can’t afford to be disheartened and her imagination is tested to the limit!



Pip has created the most endearing and wonderful character in Izzy, her energy and determination is infectious. I love how she leaves a trail of destruction in her path as she stops at nothing in her quest to succeed in her mission to make the crow new wings. The lively rhymes capture the creativity and sometimes craziness of Izzy’s spirit of invention and adventure brilliantly. Whilst Sara’s humorous and intricate spreads are bursting with vibrant colours and enthusiasm which match Izzy’s personality perfectly. A real treat of a book I absolutely loved it!



‘Izzy Gizmo’ is available to buy from any good bookshop now. Thank you to Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy of this glorious book. If you would like to win your very own copy leave a comment on this blog post. UK only ends 15th September.

7 thoughts on “Izzy Gizmo – Pip Jones & Sara Ogilvie

  1. ruthboreham

    I love the fact that this book shows not everything works at once! And that inventions can be made by girls as well. The drawings are magical and it makes you feel that anything is possible.


  2. writing1to6

    I love any picture book that has a bold, fluffy-haired mixed race heroine like my daughter. To her, it’s normal to see herself reflected in children’s lit, but it wasn’t always like that.


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