Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide – Emma Yarlett

Nibbles the Book Monster is back causing more chaos and carnage, this time in a book about dinosaurs that is guaranteed to engage and entertain. ‘Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide’ sees that naughty monster return with his irrepressible appetite and this time his book munching is more likely to end up with him being dinner rather than just getting told off! Can you help Nibbles evade; a charging Triceratops, getting gassed by a farting Diplodocus and being munched and nibbled by a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Just when you think Nibbles taken his very last nibble out of book he somehow manages to find his way out of trouble!



By mixing fact and fiction Emma Yarlett has created an absolute joy of a book. Children will be totally engrossed in this marvellously  interactive format which encourages the child to open flaps, peep through holes, and lift up pages to discover just what naughty Nibbles has been up to! Not only does this involve the child in the story, by including fascinating facts it offers them a real hands on approach to fully involve them in the learning process. Humour and jokes are cleverly scattered throughout the story, allowing this book to be enjoyed on many levels. Younger children will enjoy searching for Nibbles, whilst older children have enough interesting information to keep them returning time and time again. I predict this being a huge hit in my school library, Nibbles and dinosaurs what’s not to love!


Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending me a copy of this fantastic book. To find out more about Emma Yarlett and the inspiration behind ‘Nibbles The Book Monster’ you can read the Q & A on my blog.

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