Kevin – Rob Biddulph

There must be somebody living in my house who I don’t know about. Do you know how I know this? Well let me tell you? If I ask “who’s used the last of the toilet roll and not replaced it?” Or “who’s put the empty yoghurt box back in the fridge?” It really is none of the people living here because everyone says “it wasn’t me.” Now Rob Biddulph has captured this quandary perfectly in ‘Kevin’, because when Sid Gibbons does something wrong he always blames Kevin. The thing about Kevin that makes things very easy for Sid – but very frustrating for his Mum –  is that Kevin is imaginary. And because he’s imaginary then surely his feelings wouldn’t be hurt by taking the blame for all the bad things that Sid has done. But Kevin is about to show Sid that while he might be imaginary, his feelings are very real.


Rob manages to capture the quirks of the human condition in a humorous and stunning way in every one of his books and ‘Kevin’ is just as brilliant. You know that when you share this with a child there will be a definite understanding of the game Sid is playing, it’s something that we all do in life. Beautiful written with the most sumptuous rhymes the story trips effortlessly off your tongue as you read it aloud, which for a picture book with as many words as this is a real triumph. He expertly contrasts Sid and Kevin’s world by using a muted palette for the ordinary world versus a bright, vibrant palette for the imaginary world. I love Rob’s incredible imagination and attention to detail with stripy ladybirds and spotty bumblebees flying round purple trees with jelly leaves, there is so much to see for children to keep returning to re-read.  In each of his books Rob scatters clues to previous stories, I’ve managed to find an Odd Dog, a Penguin Blue and a pirate’s hat. Can you spot anymore, I would love to know. I’m planning to share ‘Kevin’ at my storytime session at school tomorrow and can’t wait to see the children’s reactions.

Thanks to Rob and Harper Collins for sending me a copy of this glorious book, ‘Kevin’ is available to buy now from all good bookshops or online.

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