I’m Just No Good at Rhyming – Chris Harris & Lane Smith

I’m thrilled to be sharing my favourite poem from the fabulous, ‘I’m Just No Good at Rhyming And Other Nonsense For Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-Ups,’ as part of the celebrations for National Poetry Day on September 28th. Chris Harris has written the smartest, funniest and most downright mischievous poems that are guaranteed to amuse and entertain, which have been divinely illustrated by Lane Smith. Let me tell you it was no easy feat deciding which poem to choose but I was drawn to ‘My Dessert Tummy,’ because as a parent I’ve had more conversations with my girls than I care to remember about eating their dinner. When they protest “I’m full, I can’t eat anymore,” on a regular basis, I used to feel that I could produce my best Mummy card and say, “well if you’re all full up you won’t want any pudding then?” My glee soon turned to despair when thy claimed, “Aahh but it’s my dinner tummy that’s full, my dessert tummy is totally empty so I can still have pudding!!!” So this poem is for all those parents out there who are tearing their hair out at dinner time and for all those children who take great delight in foxing their parents!

Remember parents and children that poems are no just for National Poetry Day but for every other day to! And if you’re looking for the perfect book to capture their imagination and tickle their funny bones then, ‘I’m Just No Good At Rhyming,’ is just superb! This book is a joy to behold not only is it exquisitely produced but it is stuffed full of inventive, absurdly funny and a little bit naughty poems which I just loved!

Blog Tour

Why not join in with the rest of the blog tour for more delectable, daring and down right hilarious rhymes.

Thank you to Bea and Two Hoots for sending me a copy of this glorious book and inviting me to take part in the blog tour. ‘I’m No Good at Rhyming,’ is published on the 19th October and is available to pre-order now online or at any good bookshop.

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