The Witch of Demon Rock – Gabrielle Kent

Alfie Bloom is back in a new adventure, ‘The Witch of Demon Rock’ and this time he’s travelling back to the 1400s to begin his training with the druid Orin Hopcraft. In the guise of them going on a ‘summer history camp’, Alfie takes his cousins Robin, Amy and their friend Madeleine back to Hexbridge Castle of the past, where they hope to develop their knowledge of druid’s teachings. But their learning is abruptly disrupted when the people surrounding  them start to fall victim to an unknown deadly illness. A monstrous creature made of shadows is seeking control of the magic that Alfie is guarding inside him. But when Orin is seized by this dark affliction, the only hope is for Alfie and his friends to undertake a perilous search for the one person who may be able to break this terrifying curse, the mysterious Witch of Demon Rock.

Once again our formidable group of friends find themselves tested to the limit in the most dangerous and life-threatening circumstances. Although Alfie Bloom is the main protagonist that hold the threads of the story together, Gabrielle has further developed the characters of his friends who each discover their unique skills that will be needed in this dangerous battle ahead. We see for the first time Alfie really struggle with the hand that fate has dealt him, he feels he’s not worthy to be Orin’s apprentice and is jealous of the talents his friends are developing. Whilst inside he faces his own battle as he struggles to try and resist the dark callings of the magic within him, knowing the potential, horrendous damage he could cause if the magic is allowed free rein. Filled with darkness, danger and mystery, this story will hold you in it’s grasp until the dramatic and thrilling ending.

Thank you to Scholastic for sending my a copy of the latest ‘Alfie Bloom’ adventure. You can buy the whole series now from Scholastic.


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