How To Bewitch A Wolf – Abie Longstaff

I was completely entranced by Abie Longstaff’s ‘How to Catch A Witch’, with it’s alternative and refreshing insight into the world of witches, There were no broomsticks, black cats, wands or ugly old women covered in warts instead we were introduced to  more modern witches who use herbs and natural elements to create spells that will heal or protect. So I was delighted that Charlie and her familiar Kat were back for more adventures in, ‘How To Bewitch A Wolf.’ The bond between Charlie and Kat is getting stronger until it is unceremoniously disturbed when a mysterious boy Zak arrives in to town. He has an unexplained allure and charm that turns everyone’s heads including Kat’s much to the annoyance of Charlie. But when Charlie discovers a troubling secret from the past she needs Kat more than ever to overcome the allure of the dark forces calling her.

I love how Abie manages to capture the wonder and awe of the magic that Charlie is learning and seamlessly weaves it into every day life. Despite her gift she still lives a very ordinary life, facing the same feelings that any girl would experience at this age.   Her jealously at Kat’s growing obsession with Zac is crowding her mind making her more vulnerable to the call of the dark magic.  Whilst her stammer continues to make it difficult to function within school as she’s consumed with embarrassment every time she has to open her mouth and without Kat by her side she feels increasingly isolated.  Charlie doubts everything and anything, making her feel like a failure and increasingly despondent. It definitely feels darker than ‘How To Catch A Witch’ as we discover that outside of the white magic that they have been learning, there is a more sinister side to witchcraft. We learn that by harnessing the incredible power of friendship it can overcome even in the darkest of times. I’m totally enthralled by this magical series, beautifully written, it really is wonderful and wise.

Thanks to Scholastic for sending me a copy of this witchtastical book, ‘How To Bewitch A Wolf’ is available to buy now from any good bookshop or online.

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