Spooktacular Picture Books For Halloween

There are so many spooktacular reads for Halloween this year. I have being sharing lots of different books for older readers on the blog, ‘Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball,’ ‘A Witch For A Week,’ ‘How To Bewitch A Wolf,’ ‘The Witch of Demon Rock,’ and ‘You Can’t Make Me Go To Witch School.’ Today it’s all about picture books and I’ve chosen a selection of my favourites that will appeal to even the very youngest of readers.

The Grotlyn – Benji Davies

A gentle and intriguing mystery is scattered throughout the pages of Benji Davies’s ‘The Grotlyn,’ of whispered sightings, missing items and misunderstandings of who it could possibly be. We catch glimpses of the enigmatic Grotlyn in darkened corners, on rooftops, in pantries scoffing all the cheese but still no one know who it is and what they could possibly want with all these weird and wonderful items. Yet readers do not worry, this is a playful, mischievous tale that will bring a smile to your face. The use of a muted palette creates an atmospheric read but the splashes of vibrant red give this book a warmth and joyous feel. Sublimely illustrated, with exquisitely crafted rhymes this is an absolute joy of a book.


Cat Learns to Listen at Moonlight School – Simon Puttock & Ali Pye

Miss Moon is taking her class on a magical moonlit nature walk to see what interesting things they can find. Instructing them to pay attention and not to wander off, unfortunately not everybody is listening. Searching all around Bat finds a swirly snail, Mouse finds a special starry leaf and Owl finds a swirly stone but Cat is lost in her own thoughts and follows the trail of a flittery firefly and soon discovers she is lost. We join her classmates on a hunt to find her, spotting the clues left on the way. An endearing, delightful tale containing a subtle message that it bound to capture the attention of younger readers.  The illustrations are charming and captivating with splashes of colour contrasting beautifully against the moonlit sky, making this a really appealing read.


A Werewolf Named Oliver James – Nicholas John Frith

Werewolves are not usually the subjects of picture books usually being the stuff of much older children’s fiction. Yet Nicholas manages to create a character who is more fantastical and funny than frightening. When Oliver James unexpectedly turns into a werewolf one moonlit light instead of being horrified he’s thrilled. It’s like he’s turned into a superhero – well one that people run away from – with incredible powers to run faster than a train, leap over buildings and lift delivery trucks with his bare hands. But his joy turns to dismay when he realises he has to get home in time for tea, will his parent think the changes are as amazing as he does. Superbly crafted with bold, vibrant illustrations that bound off the pages this is a wickedly funny story, that is totally irresistible.


Thank you to Harper Collins, Nosy Crow and Scholastic for sending me copies of this fangtastic books.

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