Maudlin Towers: Curse of the Werewolf Boy – Chris Priestley

Today I’m helping to kick off the blog tour for the first book ‘Curse of the Werewolf Boy’ in the creepy, mysterious and downright hilarious new series, ‘Maudlin Towers.’ Maudlin Towers School or to give it it’s full and proper name Maudlin Towers School for the Not Particularly Bright Sons of the Not Especially Wealthy seems to be the most peculiar of places and it’s absolutely riddled with mysteries. When the School Spoon goes missing causing Christmas to be cancelled, Mildew and Sponge are determined to get to the bottom of the theft. But when a Viking has been spotted in the school grounds, a ghost is seen in the attic and their dull history teacher suddenly gets interesting, the boys soon realise that there is something very strange afoot in Maudlin Towers.

Bursting with bizarreness and stuffed with the most horrid humour this is a genuinely funny and clever story. Mildew and Sponge are the most unlikely of heroes, their bumbling natures cause more disruption than a box of frogs in a china shop. Their attempts to solve this strange mystery result in the most mind-boggling outcomes. Every time you think they’re close to discovering the truth another spanner is haphazardly thrown into the works causing more chaos and confusion. It has a brilliantly constructed plot that will lead to lots of smiles of recognition as the pieces of the puzzle are slotted together. A bold, vibrant cover mixed with hilarious illustrations make for a wonderfully appealing book. Gothic humour mixed with a madcap mystery make it a very engaging and enjoyable read.

Chris Priestley

Ever since he was a teenager, Chris has loved unsettling and creepy stories. He has fond memories of buying comics like Strange Tales and House of Mystery, watching classic BBC TV adaptations of M.R. James’ ghost stories every Christmas and reading assorted weirdness by everyone from Edgar Allan Poe to Ray Bradbury. He hopes his books will haunt his readers in the way those writers have haunted him. You can find out more about Chris on his Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages and on his website.

Blog Tour

Why not join in with the rest of the blog tour for reviews, giveaways and guest posts.


Thank you to Faye and Bloomsbury for inviting me to take part in this blog tour. ‘Curse of the Werewolf Boy,’ is available to buy now from any good bookshop or online.

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