Fascinating Fact Books – For Older Readers

2017 has brought with it a wealth of glorious new non-fiction books for children. Earlier this month I shared my top picks for younger readers with some wonderfully interactive information books and today I will be sharing my favourite choices for older readers. Each of these books are wonderfully informative and feature the most vibrant illustrations and photographs to capture the imaginations of the reader.

Flying Colours: A Guide to Flags From Around the World – Robert G. Fresson

‘Flying Colours’ is one of the most beautiful and interesting information books that I have ever come across. I’ve always had a thing for flags, I used to spend hours as a child pouring over my atlas memorising the different flags of the world. But this brilliant book takes it up to a whole new level by exploring the patterns, colours and crests of flags as they have developed, reflecting the entire history of a country. Did you know that the American flag has had 28 variations since its conception? Or that the Spanish flag had purple bands to represent overthrowing the monarchy? And that the white band on the flag of Thailand represents purity and Buddhism. There is so much more to discover inside this glorious book. I loved the muted, rich palette used in the illustrations which gives this book a really vintage feel. Sublime illustrations matched with the most compelling facts make this book a real treat for inquisitive minds.


Horses Wild and Tame – Iris Volant & Jarom Vogel

‘Horses Wild and Tame’ is another visual extravaganza of an information book from Flying Eye Books. Tracking the important role that horses have played in our history, it takes the reader all the way from prehistoric times, through medieval ages to World War One. See how horses have evolved from their ancient relatives, discover famous horses in legends and stores and understand the bond that they have with humans. Each spread is exquisitely illustrated and features an array of captivating facts about these incredible creatures. A must have for horse fans this is a really unusual and beautiful examination of our equine friends.

The Histronauts – Frances Durkin & Grace Cooke

I’m always looking for new graphic novels to fill my library, so when the b small publishing got in touch to tell me about a brand new series they were launching called ‘The Histronauts’ I was immediately intrigued. The Histronauts aka Luna, Nani, Newton and Hero travel back in time to uncover the secrets of the past. By combining an exciting mix of story, facts and activities the reader becomes fully engaged in their journey of discovery. In the first two books they visit Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire to explore dazzling tombs and ride in a speeding chariot as they take the reader on this breathless trip around the past. Wonderfully appealing and packed with so much to do and see I predict that these will be a huge hit in my school library.

13 1/2 Incredible Thing You Need To Know About Everything – DK Books

DK Books have done it again, another blockbuster book packed with the most incredible information about the most spectacular amount of topics. It doesn’t just give you a top 10 of facts, oh no you get 13 1/2 with the half fact being a misconception or half-truth that you may have heard and it in its place it gives you the actual TRUTH! Awesome photography meets fabulous facts in this comprehensive and entertaining guide to information. Who wouldn’t want to know everything about shark attacks, moon suits, stealthy stingers to name just a few. If you have a child who can’t get enough of facts then this is the book for them, a real treasure trove of mind blowing curiosities.

Thank you to b small publishing, Cicada Books, DK Books and Flying Eye Books for these glorious reads. All of these books are available to buy from any good bookshop and click on the title to buy online.

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