A Far Away Magic – Amy Wilson

I really enjoyed Amy Wilson’s magical debut ‘A Girl Called Owl’ so was thrilled to get my hands on an early copy of the amazing ‘ A Far Away Magic.’ When a grief-stricken Angel moves to a new school after the mysterious death of her parents, she just wants to hide away from the world. Despite having no desire to make friends she is drawn to a peculiar boy Bavar who also seems to be trying to disappear into the background. For Angel he has a magic around him that is totally compelling and she recognises another lost soul searching for peace. However it is a dark magic surrounding Bavar that is threatening to consume his life through his calling  to protect the world from a magical rift through which monsters are trying to escape. Angel watches Bavar struggling to accept his fate and is determined to find a way for him to choose his own path in life. But it soon becomes clear to Angel that her past is more entangled in this darkness than she could possibly ever imagine.

I was totally spellbound by this unique and bewitching adventure which held me tightly in its grip till the very last page. Amy seamlessly weaves together the contemporary and magical worlds creating this totally believable world of good battling against evil. By allowing both Angel and Bavar to tell their sides of the story it adds a hidden depth and understanding of the personal struggles they both battle. and you can feel their connection vividly. Angel’s determination to support Baver and refusal to give up even when the odds are fierce and their quest seems impossible, is just so wonderfully brave. Whilst Bavar’s refusal to accept the demands of everyone to be something he just can’t bear to be is just inspiringly defiant. Together they must face their own demons without destroying each other before it’s too late to save their world. A story of dealing with grief, acceptance and being strong enough to be yourself in a world. You are bound to be captivated by this extraordinary dark, mysterious tale.

Thank you to Amy and Macmillan for sending me a copy of this magical book. ‘A Far Away Magic’ is released on the 25th January and is available to pre-order online or from any good bookshop.


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