I Swapped My Brother on the Internet – Jo Simmons illustrated by Nathan Reed

Jonny is fed up of constantly fighting with his older brother, after haven fallen foul to another one of his brother’s stupid challenges when he dares him climb up a tree to retrieve their Frisbee. For him enough is enough! He is sick of Ted teasing him, sick of being the younger brother and made to feel like an idiot all of the time. So when an advert for a new website ‘Sibling Swap’ pops up on his computer promising Jonny the chance to swap Ted for a brand new model, well who could resist? But finding a perfect replacement for Ted isn’t as easy as he first thought. Sibling Swap sends him the most random and bizarre brothers which bring total chaos and disruption into his life. First a merboy, then a brother raised by meerkats, and then the ghost of Henry the Eighth! Each time another brother turns up he dreads to think what’s coming next?! The whole idea is turning out to be a total disaster and suddenly old Ted isn’t looking so bad. But can Jonny ever get him back?

This madcap and somewhat bonkers adventure is bound to appeal to lovers of funny, absurd stories. Who hasn’t wished at sometime to swap their annoying sibling for someone better? But you know what they say, be careful what you wish for as Jonny soon discovers as his life becomes increasingly more annoying and complicated. There are laughs and groans aplenty as we watch Jonny struggle to get his life sorted whilst he actually manages to make it worse. Jo has made it really interesting by just devising the most ridiculous and diverse bunch of brothers that test Jonny to the very limits with their extreme behaviour, allowing him to appreciate his own brother a whole lot more! An engaging combination of slapstick humour and witty lively illustrations make for an entertaining read. 

Jo Simmons

Jo Simmons began her working life as a journalist. Her first fiction series for children, Pip Street, was inspired by her own kids’ love of funny fiction, and two Super Loud Sambooks followed. In addition to children’s fiction, she co-wrote a humorous parenting book, Can I Give Them Back Now?: The Aargh To Zzzzzz Of Parenting, published by Square Peg. Jo lives in Brighton with her husband, two boys and a scruffy formerly Romanian street dog. I Swapped My Brother on the Internet is her first book for Bloomsbury. You can find out more about Jo by following her on Twitter.

Nathan Reed

Nathan Reed has been a professional illustrator since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts in 2000. He has illustrated Christopher Edge’s How to Write Your Best Story Ever and the Elen Caldecott’s Marsh Road Mysteries Series. His most recent picture book is Samson the Mighty Flea by Angela McAllister. He was shortlisted for the Serco Prize for Illustration in 2014. When he’s not illustrating he can be found with his two boys and a football on Peckham Rye Common. You can find out more about Nathan by visiting his website or follow him on Twitter.

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Thank you to Faye and Bloomsbury for my copy of this hilarious book and for inviting me to join in with the blog tour. ‘I Swapped My Brother on the Internet’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop.

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