Spyder – Written and Illustrated by Matt Carr

Today it’s my stop on the ‘Spyder’ blog tour with my review of this bold, bright picture book. Being a super special secret agent is challenging enough for any top spy but it’s even more tricky when you’re a teeny tiny spider. However small details like these don’t get in the way of this intrepid investigator. Her latest mission is to prevent any party pandemonium when Tom Webster’s birthday cake is under threat from a deadly enemy, code name Bluebottle. It’s time to pack her spy-kit with all the essentials binoculars, a disguise, a top-secret laser pen and not forgetting of course every secret agent’s secret weapon……..a flask of tea! It’s a race against the clock as time is ticking away, will Spyder save the day and the party before it’s too late?

Bursting with bravery and bugs ‘Spyder’ is an energetic and entertaining read, that is bound to delight younger readers. Matt’s distinctive style seen in the fabulous ‘Superbat‘ is evident, his use of  a vibrant but limited palette creates a bold, stylish book which has a vintage feel that I really love. It offers a unique mix of different layouts and spreads that make it visually intriguing and appealing.  The danger Spyder faces being so small, lends itself to lots of perilous but comic moments which is captured brilliantly in the perspective used in the illustrations. It’s refreshing to see a female cast in the role of secret agent because as we know girls (even arachnids) are more than capable of being crime-busting crusaders. For lovers of thrills, spills and peril Spyder is a humorous and exciting read.

Matt Carr

Matt Carr is an incredibly talented graphic designer and author-illustrator whose debut picture book, SUPERBAT, was published to international acclaim in the UK, US, Spain, Korea and Israel, and is currently shortlisted for a number of upcoming awards. Matt loves tea and lives in East Sussex. You can find out more about Matt by following him on Twitter or by visiting his website.

Blog Tour

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Thank you to Olivia and Scholastic for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and for my copy of this fab book. ‘Spyder’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop.

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