Marvellous Mums for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching there are some lovely picture books celebrating Mums and I’m delighted to share some of them with you on the blog today, so if your looking for inspiration for books to share or for gifts then take a look.

My Mum – Anthony Browne

When my girls were small there was always a humorous competitive element between me and husband when reading bedtime stories. I would read ‘My Mum’ and he would read ‘My Dad’ both by Anthony Browne, these glorious celebrations of parenthood caused much hilarity as we both tried to outdo each other with our reading out loud abilities. I would sing like an angel (an angel whose foot had been stood on) and my husband would roar like a gorilla showing how big and strong he was, with lots of giggling from the girls as a result. This is a classic story beautifully illustrated which deserves to be in every home, it will always be such an important part of my girl’s early childhood.


When I’m A Mummy Like You – David O’Connell & Franseca Gambatesa

‘When I’m A Mummy Like you!’ is one of those picture books that fills your heart with joy and brings a tear to your eye. The little girl adores her mum and she thinks she’s a marvel at everything from cooking winning to meals to being super at keeping fit. I love David captures brilliantly the ups and downs of motherhood, as they have a conversation where Mum reveals life isn’t as easy as she might make it look. But this is balanced by the mum’s gentle reassurance that no matter how tricky and busy life can be, being a mummy is lots of fun too. David’s gentle, humorous rhyming text pairs perfectly with Francesca’s sublime illustrations bursting with warmth and love in every spread. A gorgeous story ideal for sharing and stimulating interesting conversations with children.


Superhero Mum – Timothy Knapman & Joe Berger

Slightly cross with Timothy for revealing the secret that us mums have been hiding for centuries and centuries, yes it’s true we are all in fact superheroes cunningly disguised as ordinary humans and jus living amongst you. Faster than a bullet at finding your missing teddy, more powerful than a locomotive when carrying multiple bags of shopping and the ability to leap tall piles of washing in a single bound. Pack away your cape Superman because Superhero Mum is here! Hilarious and heartfelt, I love how the little girl in the story thinks that her Mum is so brilliant she must be a superhero it’s such a wonderful premise. Timothy’s lively and humorous rhymes and Joe Berger’s bold, vibrant illustrations spilling with joy and warmth make for the most marvellous collaboration. Fly off to the shops before they run out and then you really will have a catastrophe on your hands!


The Strongest Mum – Nicola Kent

I really loved this original, honest and funny story from Nicola Kent, ‘The Strongest Mum’ conjures up this ideas of an invincible Mum but this is not the case. Mum is so good at helping others, being strong and not saying ‘no’ to people that she gets asked over and over again to help carry things for her family and friends. But when you’re carrying: your toddler: their bike; Lion’s laundry; Zebra’s shopping and Flamingo’s piano, well something has got to give. Poor Mum she’s not feeling strong anymore, having to juggle all of these things she literally drops all of the balls. Mums out there will recognise this feeling all too well and it’s a great way to talk to children about the need to help out and learn to do even the smallest of jobs to make life easier for everyone around. Nicola’s bright, eye-catching illustrations and endearing animal characters make for an engaging read. One for harassed Mums everywhere!

Thank you to Francesca Gambatesa, Macmillan and Nosy Crow for sending me copies of these wonderful books. If you want to buy these books click on the link in the title. Oh and if anyone I know is reading this all I want for Mother’s day is a lie in, a good book and a glass (or two) of Prosecco.

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