Ottoline and the Purple Fox – Chris Riddell

In case you’re like Ottoline’s parents Professor and Professor Brown and spend all your time in far flung places looking for strange and unusual objects to fill your home, you might have not heard about Chris Riddell’s glorious ‘Ottoline’ series. So let be the one to tell you just what you’ve been missing! Ottoline lives on the 24th floor of a building that looks like a large pepperpot and in the absence of her travelling parents she lives with Mr. Munroe, who is small and hairy and comes from a bog in Norway. Now you might be thinking by now, well this doesn’t sound live an ordinary story and well, you would be quite right. Ottoline is must definitely not ordinary, she is in fact quite the most extraordinary girl who along with Mr Munroe likes to get herself mixed up in lots of adventures. And she’s back in another tale filled with mystery, fun and peculiarities a plenty in ‘Ottoline and the Purple Fox,’ which has just been released in paperback.

When Ottoline and Mr. Munroe decides to organise a dinner party they realise they need to do some serious decluttering as her parent’s collections are causing serious overspill. During their clear out mission, a chance meeting with the dashing Purple Fox, sees our fearless duo embark on a midnight urban across Big City, learning all about the animals that live nearby. But as their journey continues the friends uncover a mystery – someone has been leaving anonymous love poems stuck to lampposts across the city. Can Ottoline and Mr Munroe discover who the melancholy poet is – and help them to heal his broken heart? I have to say this is delightful addition to this spectacular series that has been a big hit with my daughter and the children at my school. My absolute highlight in this story Ottoline reading, ‘Goth Girl,’ one of Chris’s other brilliant series and dreaming of meeting Ada Goth in real life. The illustrations spreads capturing her dream as the two worlds meet are just sublime and left me with such a warm glow inside. Wonderfully accessible, brilliantly entertaining and sumptuously illustrated the Ottoline series is a must have read for any child who loves to let their imagination roam wild.

Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell was the UK Children’s Laureate from 2015 – 2017. He is an illustrator, artist, political cartoonist , and the recipient of multiple awards including the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal an unprecedented three times. His other work for Macmillan Children’s Books includes the bestselling Goth Girl series, The Emperor of Absurdia , and, with Paul Stewart, Muddle Earth and the Blobheads series. Chris lives in Brighton with his family.

You can find out more about Chris by following him on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


To celebrate the release of ‘Ottoline and the Purple Fox,’ in paperback the lovely people of Macmillan have given me a signed set of the complete Ottoline series to giveaway and a limited edition print. You can enter by commenting on this blog post, retweeting my pinned tweet on Twitter or by commenting on my Facebook or Instagram posts. To increase your chances of winning you can enter in more than one way. UK only ends 2nd June, winner will be selected at random.

Thank you to Fritha and Macmillan for inviting me to host this giveaway and for sending me a copy of this fantastic book. ‘Ottoline and the Purple Fox,’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop.

24 thoughts on “Ottoline and the Purple Fox – Chris Riddell

  1. Pat Parr

    I’d love these for my school – Parkgate Juniors in Watford. I know they’d be well used😊 ❤📚 Great write-up, Jo.


  2. Jacqueline Harris

    Working hard to try and create a library for my children’s school. These books would definitely fill a gap on the shelves, literally and figuratively!


  3. Libby Alexander

    They sound really fun. My niece would love these – she’s just started to really get into reading. I’ll probably read them too 😉
    Thank you for the giveaway.


  4. Tracey Needham

    Our year 4 class live these books they are constantly on loan from our school library so another set would be wonderful ❤️📚. Chris Riddell is such a lovely man his illustrations amaze me x


  5. bitsybookworms

    We’ve only read the first one so far which my daughter and I loved! We’d be delighted if we won this and were able to continue reading the rest of the series!


  6. Toni Pearson

    I am always looking for new books for friends daughter….she is such a bookworm and reminds me of my younger self ( a bookworm as a child, and still one now.)



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