Mirror Magic – Claire Fayers Guest Post

Today I am delighted to welcome Claire Fayers to the blog for a special guest post as part of the blog tour for her magical new adventure, ‘Mirror Magic.’ I was completely charmed by this story of Wyse, the only town left in Britain with a connection to the magical Unworld through special mirrors. Strangely, the enchantments that bind the towns together are slowly dying and nobody knows why until Ava returns to Wyse after the death of her parents. One day she inadvertently meets Howell on the other side of the mirror and they realise that something peculiar is happening. Nothing is quite as it seems and they don’t know who to trust. They must unravel this mystery and discover what is causing this unrest before it is too late. Imaginative storytelling, bursting with wonder and magic make for a really compelling read. I was totally enthralled by this charming adventure full of twists, turns and the unexpected.

The Wyse Weekly Mirror – Claire Fayers

Mirror Magic imagines a world exactly like our own but with one big difference – magic exists. Fairy mirrors connect us to the Unworld where the Fair Folk have promised to provide magical goods and services to anyone who asks.

The story starts in 1842, when most mirrors have stopped working and only one small town on the border of Wales and England still has access to the Unworld. The Wyse Weekly Mirror (expertly designed by Jess at Macmillan Children’s Books) gives an insight into daily happenings in the last town of magic.

But what of other time periods?

In my blog tour guest posts I’ve been guessing at what the news might look like in different centuries if people had magic. Now we come to today. How would our world look with a little bit of fairy enchantment?

London Marathon Magic Mayhem

The London Marathon once again ended in chaos as some runners used magical shortcuts through the Unworld and others took magical potions for extra speed and energy. Fifty runners were disqualified for using winged costumes.

“It has long been accepted that magical ‘cheating’ will happen,” said a spokeswoman for the race. “And while we are willing to allow a certain amount of flexibility in the name of good fun, runners must complete the entire course, and their feet must remain on the ground at all times.”

Thirty-Hour Working Days Challenge

The practice of using magic mirrors to move workers across time zones, thus increasing their working day, has come under criticism once again.

It has become commonplace for a worker to arrive at the office at 8am in London, work until 6pm, then move to, say,  New York which is five hours behind to continue working. By moving around time zones, it is possible to work up to thirty hours in a single, nine hour shift.

Some workers welcome the practice as an opportunity for earning more money and accumulating more holiday time. Today, however, the Office of Fairy Trade in conjunction with the Royal Office on Family Living (ROFL) stated that time-zone working was detrimental to health and family relationships and should be banned.

E-Readers ‘Not As Good as Real Thing’

The new craze for e-readers appears to be waning.

Enchanted readers allow the user to read from a large selection of books, often with magical enhancements, and, at the end of their lifespan they turn back into dry leaves and can be simply thrown away. Weighing little more than a single sheet of paper, fans loved their portability and their environmentally-friendly construction.

Yet the unpredictable nature of the magic has proved problematic. A small number of e-readers have spontaneously combusted, leading to them being banned on planes. And unhappy customers have complained of the devices disintegrating in the middle of a book. “I never had that problem with paper,” said Mrs Evans from West Wales.

Magical Books, the maker of the most popular brand of e-reader, has promised a new, improved design by the end of the year.

Claire Fayers

Claire Fayers was born and brought up in South Wales, an area of the country sadly deficient in dragons. Having studied English at University of Kent, Canterbury, she built a successful career writing short stories for women’s magazines until the lure of magic became too much and she wrote The Accidental Pirates: Voyage to Magical North. It was selected for Waterstones Book of the Month and shortlisted for the FCBG Children’s Book Award 2016, and its sequel, The Accidental Pirates: Journey to Dragon Island, was published in 2017. When she’s not writing, you’ll find Claire at her allotment. Mirror Magic is her third book with Macmillan Children’s Books.

Blog Tour

Why not join in with the rest of the blog tour for more guest posts and reviews.

Thanks to Claire for her wonderful guest post and for sending me a copy of this wonderful book and for inviting me to join in with the blog tour. ‘Mirror Magic,’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop.


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