Cover Reveal There’s A Yeti in the Playground – Pamela Butchart & Thomas Flintham

I’m really excited to be able to reveal for you today, the cover of the wonderfully talented Pamela Butchart and Thomas Flintham’s latest ‘Izzy’ adventure, ‘There’s A Yeti in the Playground.’ This hilarious series has brought so much joy to so many children at my school and has had a real success in encouraging reluctant readers. They have issued in the library so much that we’ve just had to purchase a whole new set as our old copies had become so well loved. With each new book there is an air of excitement over who will be the first to get their hands on the copy, so it’s a privilege to share this with you today. And just when you thought this couldn’t get anymore exciting the lovely people at Nosy Crow have created an animated cover reveal for me to share.

So without further ado here it is…..


Thomas Flintham has created another brilliantly, engaging and funny cover combined with Nicola Theobold’s eye-catching cover design, it’s a real joy to behold. We know that Izzy has a very overactive imagination so let’s find out what she and her friends have in store for us in this latest hilarious adventure.

There’s A Yeti in the Playground

Izzy and her friends are scared. They’re snowed in at school and there’s something hairy outside. But it’s when they see the really big footprint that they know there’s a yeti in the playground and it’s coming for them!

I wonder if this was inspired by Pamela’s epic travels for World Book Day this year when her train was struck by the Beast from the East………

Pamela Butchart

As a child, Pamela was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of pets, have a mum and dad who were bonkers, and go to The Best Most Awesome Primary School in the WorldTM. As a student, Pamela’s student jobs included: fishwife, teaching basketball in America, phlebotomist, and Artist Liaison for a (really bad) Abba tribute band. Now, Pamela teaches philosophy to teenagers and spends all day pondering questions such as, ‘Is time travel possible?’ and ‘How do I know I’m not really a robot?’ The stories write themselves really.Pamela lives in Dundee with her husband, Andy and their two cats, Bear & Carlos. Carlos only has one eye and is Pamela’s hero.

Thomas Flintham

Thomas lives in Penzance and loves Christmas and chocolate. He works digitally, drawing straight into his computer via his tablet, and also in the old fashioned way on paper with brush, ink and drawing pens. He spends a lot of time drawing, doodling and disappearing into his imagination in search of new characters and ideas. His work is influenced by his interest in all kinds of books, films, comics and Japanese video games. He owns (almost) too many books.

Thank you to Clare and Nosy Crow for inviting me to host this cover reveal, ‘There’s A Yeti in the Playground,’ is released on October 4th and is available to pre-order online or from any good bookshop.

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