Storm – Sarah Driver

Sarah Driver is back with the final instalment in The Huntress trilogy ‘Storm.’ and it’s an epic conclusion to this thrilling series. Life is looking bleak for our heroine Mouse as Stag’s power is growing and Trianukka is trapped in an eternal winter. She is a hunted child and her Dad is determined to keep her safe within the Sky fortress of Hackles. But Mouse grows restless as she knows their only salvation is to find the final storm opal, only then will they be able to defeat Stag’s army and escape this miserable future. Despite all the trials and torments that Mouse has experienced nothing can prepare her for the dark forces that are rising, more terrifying than anything she has seen before. Thrown into the most deadly and perilous situations she realises that the battle that lies ahead means she will have to risk everything to save their kingdom.

Sarah’s incredible world building of Trianukka continues to astound and delight me in this glorious story. With each story the world has become darker, more dangerous and bleak, as hope withers away and life becomes more desperate. Rich, vibrant storytelling captures this epic journey that she must undertake in order to save Trianukka, a chill runs through you as you find yourself swept away by this book. Despite Mouse being headstrong and her rash behaviour bringing her into increasingly life-threatening situations you can’t help but admire her refusal to protect her tribe at any cost. With twists and turns at every corner, the reader is never sure what to expect next or who to trust because we are continually surprised as the plot unravels. It cleverly shows how easily divisions can be stirred up amongst people and how evil can only be overcome when we unite and embrace our differences. Wonderfully atmospheric and deliciously dark you can’t help but being totally entranced by this beautiful but haunting tale.

Thank you to Egmont for sending me a copy of this thrilling book, ‘Storm’ is available to buy online or from any good bookshop.

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