Cover Reveal – A Witch Come True by James Nicol

I’m really excited to be able to reveal for you today, the cover and title of the final book in ‘The Apprentice Witch,’ trilogy by the lovely and talented James Nicol, ‘A Witch Come True,’ which will be published on the 7th March 2019 by Chicken House Books.

So without further ado here it is…….

This stunning cover is illustrated by Daniela Terrazzini with cover design by Steve Wells, they have created another sublime cover that demands to be picked up and read. I’m loving the play on words with the title, ‘A Witch Come True,’ as Arianwyn gets ready to find out more about herself when she’s tested to her limit. I really can’t wait to return to James Nicol’s completely believable world of magic and witchcraft. Arianwyn has totally enchanted me since I met her in ‘The Apprentice Witch,’ as she struggled to come to terms with failing her witch’s assessment and I watched her grow in confidence as she battled with supernatural creatures in the marvellous, ‘A Witch Alone.’ Let’s find out what James has in store next for the remarkable Arianwyn…

A Witch Come True – James Nicol

The war is done and Arianwyn has discovered the secret of the quiet glyphs at last, but her troubles are far from  over. Her day-to-day work as Lull’s witch is tricky enough: winter has set in, bringing endless rain, ice imps and some rather befuddling Yule traditions. But when enemies and dark magic converge on Lull, stealing away someone very dear indeed, our witch faces her greatest challenge so far. What really makes a witch come true? Our lovable heroine is about to find out…

James Nicol

James Nicol has loved books and stories his whole life, though was classified as a ‘slow reader’ at junior school until he discovered ‘The Hundred and One Dalmatians,’ by Dodie Smith. As a child he spend hours absorbed in novels, watching epic 1980s cartoons or adventuring in the wood at the bottom of the garden. When he is not writing books he works in a library and is a Patron of Reading for Boston Pioneers School in Lincolnshire.

He now lives near York in a house with too many books and too many musical instruments (most of which he can’t play!) with his partner and a black and white cockapoo called Bonnie. His favourite things include pancakes, books and laughing. He likes drawing though doesn’t get much time for that these days. He most often described as surprisingly tall and curly!

Daniela Terrazzini

Daniela moved to London from Italy in 1999 to study photography at The London College of Printing. She splits her illustration work into two distinctive and equally successful styles of detailed paintings and graphic surface patterns. Since beginning her career as an illustrator Daniela has worked extensively in many areas and her illustrations can be seen on covers for puffin classics, Abi Elphinstone’s ‘Sky Song’ as well as James Nicol’s first two novels, ‘The Apprentice Witch,’ and ‘A Witch Alone.’

A huge thank you to James and Jazz at Chicken House books for inviting me to host
the title and cover reveal I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of a ‘A Witch Come

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