The Clockwork Crow – Catherine Fisher

When orphan Seren discovers she is to be taken under the wing of her father’s oldest friend Captain Jones, she can’t wait to embark on her new life and the kind of Christmas she has always dreamed about in the orphanage. Alone in the waiting room of a train station a mysterious stranger entrusts a strange parcel to her, feeling he is being watched. Life takes an even stranger twist when she arrives at Plas-y Fran and discovers the Captain and his wife have moved to London leaving her alone with a few servants.  When she tries to enquire about the whereabouts of his son Tomas, she is met by anger and secrecy at every turn. Armed only with a magical talking bird and a determination to uncover the truth about Tomas, Seren sets off to a dark and dangerous world where nothing is quite as it seems.

Intriguing and enticing, ‘The Clockwork Crow’ is a truly compelling story filled with unanswered questions, impossible conundrums and sprinkled with a touch of  darkness. I adored Seren, a bold and brave heroine who stubbornly refuses to accept any constraints or rules that the world around her wants to hold her in. Catherine’s storytelling is wonderfully atmospheric, you can almost feel the chill of this cold, dark house devoid of love and hope with secrets hiding amongst the shadows. The relationship between the impossibly strong-willed Seren and the equally feisty crow is one of distrust and begrudging respect which transforms as they both become to rely on each other.  Catherine has created a spellbinding tale, glistening with magic and mystery that completely enchanted me. So wrap up warm, make yourself a warming drink of hot chocolate and allow yourself to be swept away by this irresistible story. A perfect treat for lovers of magical wintry stories.

Thank you to Penny and Firefly for sending me a copy of this marvellous book, ‘The Clockwork Crow,’ is released on October 4th and is available to pre-order online or from any good bookshop.


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