Snowglobe – Amy Wilson

Today I am thrilled to share with you the latest magical book from Amy Wilson as part of the ‘Snowglobe,’ blog tour. I was completely spell bound by Amy’s debut, ‘A Girl Called Owl,’ which was followed up the captivating, ‘A Far Away Magic,’ so I was thrilled to get my hands on an early copy of ‘Snowglobe.’ Amy has the most wonderful ability to seamlessly link contemporary and magical worlds, effortlessly transporting her readers to places crackling with darkness and enchantment. Clementine is a loner and outsider, she knows that she is different and her life is full of unanswered questions since the disappearance of her mother. Her life changes unexpectedly when she is pushed to her limits by the torments of the school bully. She discovers a hidden power within her that sparks something inside her, allowing her to see for the first time a mysterious house in the middle of the town that was never there before. Drawn to this strange place, she feel that it is inextricably linked to her mother and unable to resist she goes inside and discovers rooms full of snowglobes swirling with stars and snow each containing a secret. Little does Clementine know that by unleashing her power she has put everything she loves at risk in the battle to unlock these mysteries.

I was totally bewitched and enchanted by ‘Snowglobe.’ Amy’s beautiful, lyrical writing cast a spell over me and I became lost in this mysterious world. Filled with wonder and mystery the reader is placed at the heart of this story travelling alongside Clementine as she battles dark forces and unexpected barriers on her quest for the truth. Amy conjures up the most extraordinary of places where time is distorted and people are trapped in illusions in a bid to control their abilities and keep them from the outside world. She reflects on the loneliness of not fitting it, recognising how being different can alienate and isolate people and understanding how easy it is to for people to use fear to create division. Wonderfully atmospheric and stunningly told, ‘Snowglobe,’ is bound to delight lovers of magical tales.


I am delighted to share with you today an extract from ‘Snowglobe,’ to give you a small taste of the magic that lies within these pages.

Snowglobe – Amy Wilson

There were three sisters, named for Jupiter’s moons: Ganymede, Callisto and Io. As they had blood in their veins, so they had magic, fine and strong as a spider’s web. They lived in a house of white marble, and the tower stretched to the sky and speared the clouds, searching, they said, for the moon. They filled it with miniature worlds, set whole galaxies spinning, caught within glass spheres. And then they hid in their house while the world changed. That was their lot. But lots can change, and change can be chaos. Callisto was the first to go: she left for love and the laughter of a boy with hair as red as fire. Io was next: she left for solitude, and found her home in a place none could ever change. 2 Ganymede was left alone in the house of infinity. She stalked the marble corridors, ruling over everything they had created with a hard eye. The world never knew of these sisters. Their house went unseen, their stories unheard. And then came chaos.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of this wondrous tale. ‘Snowglobe,’ is released on the 18th October and is available to pre-order now online and from any good bookshop. Thank you to Amber and Macmillan for inviting me to join in with the blog tour and for sending me a copy of this enchanting book.

14 thoughts on “Snowglobe – Amy Wilson

  1. Emma Hughes

    We are looking forward to reviewing this for our Winter Wonderland book club and newsletter. We loved A Girl Called Owl sooo much ❄️️



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