The Lost Words – Robert McFarlane & Jackie Morris

A year ago today an incredibly special book was released into the wild which has turned out to be something of a publishing phenomenon. ‘The Lost Words,’ a glorious collaboration between Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris takes us on a journey of discovery to seek out words that appear to be disappearing from the language that our children use. We’re incredibly lucky that we live in the countryside and my children on the way to school every day can see nature in all its glory. We walk past a beautiful river, spy bluebells and brambles, pick conkers and very occasionally see the allusive vibrant kingfishers that nest near the bridges. Yet we live in an increasingly urbanised world where some children are ferried around in cars from here to there and never have the chance to explore the true wonder of nature. ‘The Lost Words,’ seeks to claim back that wild childhood challenging children to go outside cast a spell and find hidden treasures that they may never have encountered.

Exquisitely produced and filled with the most sumptuous spreads that I have ever set my eyes on, ‘The Lost Words,’ is a true masterpiece in every sense. It is one of those books that is so covetable that it demands you pick it up and stroke the sublime pages allowing the words to cast a spell over you. Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris have created a truly unique celebration of the wild, that is completely mesmerising and totally irresistible.  I really feel that it needs to be every school in the country and you can feel that so strongly when you realise just how many successful crowd funder campaigns to get it into schools that there has been. To embrace this desire in schools to use this book as an incredible teaching resource Penguin have created a wonderful set of Challenge Cards to encourage children to explore the world around them. From creating nature spaces to finding out how to befriend birds, these offer a wealth of learning and development opportunities for primary school children.

Thank you to Jenny at Shapes For Schools and to Penguin for sharing these resources with me and for sending me a copy of this glorious book. You can access the Challenge Cards here and ‘The Lost Words,’ is available to buy online now or from any good bookshop.

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