The Big Books – Yuval Zommer & Barbara Taylor

To celebrate National Non-Fiction November I’m sharing with you a review and giveaway of Yuval Zommer’s ‘Big Book,’ collaboration with Barbara Taylor.  The first two books in the collection,  ‘The Big Book of Bugs’ and ‘The Big Book of Beasts,’ have both featured in my favourite book lists for the last 2 years because they are some of the finest illustrated non-fiction books that I’ve ever read. I was lucky enough to have a special guest Yuval to celebrate the release of the latest addition to the collection, ‘The Big Book of Blue.’ So let’s take a closer look inside these glorious books and explore the world all around us.

The Big Book of Blue 

‘The Big Book of the Blue,’ offers a fascinating insight into the different types of animals who live in our oceans. Dive deep into the sea to meet an array of sea creatures including the dramatically coloured dragonet, the poisonous pufferfish and flying fish  to name just a few. Discover why an octopus needs eight arms: if a ray makes electricity: why dolphins jump out of the sea and the answers to many more question in this exquisite exploration of sea life. Yuval has once again created the most sublime book filled with sumptuous spreads that invite the reader to spend hours pouring over these intricate and informative illustrations. I think it is perfectly pitched for the younger reader offering a timely reminder of  the danger our oceans face from damage caused by humans. Lavishly produced with the most interesting and thoughtful information, this book is a total triumph.

The Big Book of Beasts

“Why is a tiger stripy?’ Why are porcupines spiky? and ‘Why do wolves howl at the moon? “Find out the answers to all of these questions and many more inside the brilliantly, beautiful ‘The Big Book of Beasts’. This stunning book is bursting with facts on the lives of all kinds of beasts including pre-historic ones, it is the perfect introduction for young animal fans eager to find out more about the different beasts that roam the earth. Featuring the most stunning and intricate spreads this book is a thing of beauty.  A real joy of a read which will excite and inform both children and parents. We have dipped in and out of this book frequently, discovering new beasts and familiarising ourselves with old friends, carefully examining the pages for the mystery footprints which are so well hidden, to really test the skills of young explorers. This is an absolute gem of a book, a real treasure trove of information.

The Big Book of Bugs

‘Just how slow does a snail go? Are bugs afraid of the dark? Why do ants march in a line?’ Find out the answers to all of these questions and many more inside the brilliantly, beautiful ‘The Big Book of Bugs’. A jam packed book containing an insight into the lives of all kinds of insects and creepy crawlies, it is the ultimate guide for young bug spotters eager to find out more about the tiny creatures all around us. Featuring the most exquisite and delicate illustrations this book is a joy to behold.  A real treasure of a read which will enchant and delight children and parents alike. We have spent hours poring over this glorious book exploring familiar and unknown mini beasts and searching the pages for the hidden fly so cleverly concealed to capture children’s attentions. I simply adore this book!

Thanks to Thames and Hudson I have a set of these three wonderful books to giveaway. To enter head over to Twitter and retweet my pinned tweet and comment on the blog for an extra entry. UK only ends 18th November.

13 thoughts on “The Big Books – Yuval Zommer & Barbara Taylor

  1. Theresa

    What a fantastic giveaway! We love our Big Book of Bugs! Yuval’s illustrations and work is amazing and my children love it! They spend time looking and reading it together. If we win we will gift the new Big Book of Bugs to a less fortunate family/ child for Christmas. Thank you Jo and Thames & Hudson ❤️


  2. Laura Ovenden

    At our primary we don’t have any of these books and they look amazing. EYFS and KS1 teachers are always asking me for more awe-inspiring non-fiction and here it is!


  3. Barbara Band

    Love these books. And so do my grandchildren … often find the 2 year old grandson lying on the floor totally absorbed in them. The detail and colours just draw you in and the format – the large double-spread pages full of activity and facts – bring the whole scene to life. Although aimed at KS1/KS2, these can be shared with younger children and would also appeal to older readers with a lower reading level. Can’t wait to get my hands on “The Skies Above Our Eyes” and share it with them!


  4. Simone Goward

    We love this collection. The Big Book of the Blue is a bedtime favourite in our house. I love the fact that each time you read them a different fact or illustration will catch our interest making it feel like a brand new read each time. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


  5. littleminds

    What an incredible prize! I used to love looking through books like these when my children were younger. Now they’re older (14 & 16) they’re no longer interested but all is not lost…I get to share books with the children I teach. It’s an absolute pleasure to share books my children used to like as well as newly published ones. We enjoy non-fiction just as much as fiction.



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