How Winston Delivered Christmas – Alex T. Smith

I must confess to being a huge fan of Christmas, I do try and restrain myself by holding back on the flurry of festivities until the first day of December. But come Saturday I will be listening to Christmas Music on repeat, sprinkling every room with a touch of yuletide bling whilst shamelessly reading every sort of Christmas story I can get my hands on. I even manage to squeeze in a few Christmas romances, but don’t give away my secret (she says ignoring the huge review pile). So forgive me for sharing with you a Christmas book today but I do have a very good reason, because come the first day of Advent children of all ages will delight at opening this thing of beauty. Not for me a calendar filled with chocolate instead I have a story with twenty four and a half chapters to guide me all the way to Christmas morning, in the glorious, ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas,’ by Alex T. Smith.

Winston is a homeless young mouse, who discovers a letter bound for Santa from a young boy called Oliver. Unknown to Oliver a mysterious wind had caught his letter, which he thought was securely in the letterbox and deposited it right on Winston.  Despite being down on his luck, Winston is alarmed that this letter won’t reach Santa on time and on Christmas morning there will be a very disappointed child. Undeterred by the seemingly epic task that now lay before him, Winston is determined to complete this mission by personally delivering the letter to Santa. Along the way he encounters some new friends who show him how kindness and a good heart can go a long way to making the impossible seem possible. Divided into exactly 24 and a half chapters, children are invited to join Winston on this wondrous countdown to Christmas every day, following him on this extraordinary adventure.

Exquisitely produced and filled with sumptuous spreads, every page of this book is a festive joy. Alex T. Smith is renowned for his intricately detailed illustrations full of humour and heart, and this book is exceptional. I love how each chapter ends with an activity for the children to share from making Christmas gifts, creating pom-pom robins to showing you how to rustle up your very own festive food, there is so much to see and do in this gorgeous book. By sharing this book with your children you can create a new Christmas tradition revisiting every year and remembering the anticipation and excitement of Winston’s journey. So why not forget the chocolates this year and treat yourself to this delightful and charming extravaganza of a read.

A huge thank you to the Christmas elves (aka Alex, Clare and Macmillan) for sending me a personalised copy of this stunning book. ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas,’ is available to buy now online or from any good bookshop.

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