Lightning Chase Me Home – Amber Lee Dodd

Today it’s my stop on the ‘Lightning Chase Me Home,’ blog tour with my review of the follow up to Amber Lee Dodd’s debut, ‘We Are Giants.’ Amelia Hester McLeod is bound to be bold and brave after being named after two fearless explorers Amelia Earheart and Lady Hester Stanhope. But Amelia doesn’t feel brave instead she feels hopeless and a little bit powerless. Her Mum has walked out on the family, her Dad is full of despair and her Grandpa is becoming more forgetful by the day. She’s about to start at a new school but she knows she will stand out and not for the right reasons because learning has always been a struggle for Hester. On the night of her 11th birthday in line with island tradition she makes a wish on the Serpent’s Tooth Rock. Hester is convinced that this is nonsense, there is no way that wishes can come true. But the island hides dark, powerful magic and Hester soon discovers that her wish is about to change her life and those of the islanders irreparably. Can she learn to control the magic before its too late?

Beautiful, empathetic storytelling meets magical folklore in this compelling tale from Amber Lee Dodd. This story is heart-warming and heart-breaking in equal measures as we see Hester trying to come to terms with her Mum’s disappearance. She is convinced that it is her own lack of courage that has driven her Mum away and she is determined to put this right and be reunited with her Mum no matter what the cost. I loved how Amber seamlessly weaves wild magic through the story whilst dealing with some difficult experiences for Hester. The characterisation is just marvellous, Hester is flawed, afraid and anxious but as the story develops we see her inner fierceness emerge as she has to make some incredibly difficult decisions to save those that she loves. I have a particular soft spot for Hettie and Penny who Hester initially fears and judges as being interfering neighbours but we soon see their true colours when the life on the island becomes increasingly perilous. ‘Lightning Takes Me Home,’ is an enchanting and intriguing magical tale.


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Thank you to Emily and Scholastic for inviting me to join in with the blog tour. ‘Lightning Chase Me Home.’ is available to buy now online and from any good bookshop.

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