Storm Hound – Claire Fayers

Today it’s my stop on the blog tour for Claire Fayers’ funny and entertaining new book, ‘Storm Hound.’ When Storm of Odin the youngest of the stormhounds falls from the sky during his first Wild Hunt and lands on earth it sets off a series of unexpected events. He’s unexpectedly transformed into a cute puppy and is whisked away to an animal rescue centre. Furious that he’s no longer an intimidating beast Storm finds his life turned upside down especially when he’s adopted by 12-year-old Jessica who is coming to terms with the split of her parents. Somehow these two have an unexpected connection and Jessica notices there’s something a bit different about her beloved new pet. Unfortunately for her a large number of strange people are also very interested in Storm. People who behave very oddly and seem to know a lot about magic.

Fast-paced and filled with fun, I whizzed through ‘Storm Hound,’ swept away on this hilarious and magical adventure. I just love Storm’s total indignation at being reduced to a mere puppy who is mocked when he claims to be a true stormhound while having to suffer the humiliation and limitations of an immortal dog. He forms a firm friendship with the brave and brilliant cat next door Nutmeg who recognises that something strange and sinister is unfolding in Abergavenny. Set against this battle between good and bad magic we see the sadness and despair of Jessica and Ben who are uprooted to Wales after their parent’s divorce. We watch them trying to find their place in this new and very different world just like new boy David who is struggling to work out who he really is. Claire deals with these difficult issue thoughtfully and sensitively allowing the reader to build empathy with these characters. A clever mix of myth, magic and reality in this compelling romp of a read.

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Thank you to Karen and Macmillan for sending me a gifted proof copy of ‘Storm Hound,’ in exchange for an honest review. ‘Storm Hound,’ is available to buy now online and from any good bookshop.

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