Against All Gods – Maz Evans

Reader I have a confession to make that will probably make fans of Maz Evans’s glorious, ‘Who Let the Gods Out,’ series downright furious. *whispers* I’ve had my copy of ‘Against All Gods,’ the final book in the quartet since January and I only read it last week. Shocking some might stay, despicable you may cry – but the truth is I just didn’t feel emotionally ready to read it. If you read my review of, ‘Beyond the Odyssey’ you would know that it left me battered, bereft and heart-broken. Twice I picked this book up and couldn’t bring myself to read past the first few pages but I had to put aside my selfish feelings and put the readers of the blogs first as I could no longer deny you the joy of this book.

I’m not sure my review of this book will capture how absolutely brilliant it is. If  I was anywhere near as talented as Maz Evans, no doubt I’d be able to rattle this review off in rhyme without even having to look at my notes. Trust me I been to all four of her book launches and her speeches are beyond belief, they’re almost as good as her books. But I digress, what can we expect from Elliot and the Gods in the final adventure? Life is really bleak for Elliot. He feels betrayed, abandoned and all alone. When you feel that you have nothing left to loose, that’s when you make irrational and foolish decisions. Unfortunately his decision not only affects him but the whole of humanity as he rolls the dice and takes his chances with his arch enemy Thanatos. Thus ensuing the ‘mother of all battles,’ is in full flow.

Yet again Maz manages to combine high-octane adventure with heart-breaking drama. The reader has been on an epic, emotional rollercoaster throughout this series but that’s just a teaser as we feel the full force of the war between good and evil. She deftly mixes the emotional highs and lows with pure comic moments that will make you cry with laughter. I particularly loved the use of unusual battle weapons including free manicures, steaming stew and golden flagons of nectar, care of the joyous Aphrodite. I defy you not to laugh-out-loud at the scene with our hard core royal family who refuse to lie down and let our kingdom succumb to the evilness of Thanatos and family. Utterly brilliant from start to finish, an irresistible combination of heart and humour. With this exceptional finale Maz confirms her position as Queen of Comedy.

Thank you to Jazz and Chicken House for sending me a gifted copy in exchange for an honest review. ‘Against All Gods,’ is available to buy now online and from any good bookshop.

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